PLATE XIX. Monstrosities. This plate illustrates various malformations and diseases of the fetus which act as the cause of difficult parturition.

Figs. 1, 2, 3. Fetuses with portions of their bodies double. Fig. 1 (from Fleming), double head, neck, and fore limbs. Fig. 2 (from Encyclop. der Gesam. Thierheilkunde, 1886), double head, neck, fore limbs, and body. Fig. 3 (from Fleming), double faced.

Fig. 4. Fetus with head very much enlarged. (From Fleming.) This affection is known as hydrocephalus, or dropsy of the brain, and is due to a more or less considerable quantity of fluid in the cranial cavity of the fetus.

Fig. 5. Skull of the calf represented in Fig. 4. The roof of the skull is absent. (From Fleming.)