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Title: Mogg's Cab Fare Distance Map and London Guide

Author: Edward S. Mogg

Release date: September 18, 2017 [eBook #55576]
Most recently updated: January 24, 2021

Language: English

Credits: Produced by Chris Curnow, Chuck Greif and the Online
Distributed Proofreading Team at (This
file was produced from images generously made available
by The Internet Archive)


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[Image unavailable: MOGG’S POSTAL-DISTRICT AND CAB-FARE MAP.  MOGG’S  LONDON  AND ITS  ENVIRONS  Drawn from  The latest Surveys  By E. T. Mogg.]

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Streets and Squares.
Cab stands.
Railway Termini.

I N D E X.

Explanation—The method here adopted is by dividing the Plan into Squares, with Letters at the top and bottom to correspond, and also Figures down the sides. It is therefore necessary, first, to find the place required in this Index, to which are annexed the Letter and Figure of the Square in which it is contained; when, on reference to the Plan, it will be instantly found.

Example: Required St. Paul’s Church-yard. On reference to the Index, it is found to be I 8, then on the Plan at the top or bottom find the letter I, and on either side find the figure 8, the place required must consequently be in the Square I 8.

⁂ Those lines marked in Italic refer solely to the Western portion of the Map. The Map is divided into half-mile squares.


A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, Y.

Abbey Road, St. John’s Wood,B5
Abbey Street, Bermondsey,K10
Abchurch La. Lombard St.,J8
Aberdeen Place, Maida Hill,C7
Abingdon Street, Westm.,G10
Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington,K2
Acacia Road,C5
Acton Place, Kingsland Rd.,K5
Acton Street, Regent Sq.,H6
Acton Street, Walworth,J11
Adam Street, Adelphi,G9
Adam St. Manchester Sq.,E8
Adam Street, Portman Sq.,D8
Adam Street, Rotherhithe,M10
Addington Place, Camberwell Road,J13
Addington Square, Camberwell Road,J13
Addison Place, Brixton,H13
Addison Rd. Notting Hill,A9
Addison Rd. North, Notting Hill,A9
Addison Ter. Notting Hill,A9
Addle Street, Wood Street,J8
Adelaide Street, Strand,G9
Adelphi Terrace,G9
Admiralty, Whitehall,G9
Air Street, Piccadilly,F9
Albany Road, Walworth,J12
Albany St. Regent’s Park,E6
Albemarle Street, Piccadilly,F9
Albert Road, Notting Hill,A8
Albert Sq. Commercial Rd.,M8
Albert St. Regent’s Park,F5
Albion Place, Hammersmith,A11
Albion St. Commercial Rd.,M8
Albion Street, Hyde Park,D8
Albion Street, Rotherhithe,M10
Aldermanbury, Cheapside,J8
Aldersgate Street,I8
Aldgate, Leadenhall Street,K8
Alexander Sq. Brompton,C11
Alfred Pl. Tottenham Ct. Rd.,F7
Alfred Street, Mile End Rd.,O6
Allen Street, Goswell Street,I7
Allerton Street, City Road,J6
Alpha Road, Regent’s Park,C7
Alsop’s Buildings, Upper Baker Street,D7
Alsop’s Place, New Road.,D7
Amelia Street, Walworth,I11
America Sq. Minories,K8
Amwell St. Middleton Sq.,H6
Ampthill Square,F6
Ampton St. Gray’s Inn Rd.,H6
Anchor Street, Shoreditch,K7
Anderson’s Buildings, City Road,I6
Anderson’s Walk, Vauxhall Walk,G11
Angel Terrace, Pentonville,H6
Ann Street, Pentonville,H6
Apollo Buildings, East La.,L10
Arabella Row, Pimlico,E10
Arbour Sq. Commercial Rd.,M8
Argyle Place, Hammersmith,A11
Argyle Square, King’s Cross,G6
Argyle Street, King’s Cross,G6
Argyle Street, Oxford Street,F8
Arlington St. Camden Town,F5
Arlington Street, Piccadilly,F9
Arlington St. Sadler’s Wells,I6
Arthur Street, Queen’s Elm,C12
Artillery Ground, Fins. Sq.,J7
Artillery Lane, Bishopsgate,K8
Artillery Pl. Finsbury Sq.,J7
Arundel Road, Notting Hill,A8
Arundel Street, Strand,H8
Arundel Terrace, Notting Hill,A8
Ashby St. Northampton Sq.,I6
Ashford Street, Hoxton,K6
Ashley Crescent, Hoxton,K6
Ashton Street, East India Dock Road,Q8
Aske Street, Hoxton,K6
Astey’s Row, Islington,I4
Asylum, Roy, Mil. Chelsea,D11
Audley Street, North & South Grosvenor Square,E8
Augusta Place, Deptford, Lower Road,M10
Avenue Rd. Regent’s Park,C5
Aylesbury St. Clerkenwell,I7
Ayliff Street, Great, Goodman’s Fields,K8
Baalzephon St. Bermondsey,J10
Back Lane, Upper Shadwell,M8
Bacon Street, Spitalfields,K7
Baker Street, Portman Sq.,D8
Baker Street, Lloyd Square,H6
Baker St. Up. New Road,D7
Baldwin’s Street, Old Street,J6
Ball’s Pond Road,K4
Bank of England,J8
Bankside, Borough,I9
Banner St. Bunhill Row,J7
Barlow Street, High Street, Mary-le-bone,E7
Barnes Elms,A13
Barnsbury Lane, Islington,I4
Barnsbury Park, Islington,H4
Barnsbury Street, Islington,I5
Barons Street, Pentonville,H6
Barrossa Pl. Queen’s Elm,C12
Barrow Hill Rd. Reg. Park,D5
Bartholomew Close,I8
Bartholomew Place, Kentish Town,F4
Bartholomew Sq. Old St.,J7
Bartlett’s Buildings, Holb.,H8
Basinghall Street,J8
Basing Lane, Bread Street,J8
Bateman’s Row, Shoreditch,K7
Bath Place, Fitzroy Square,F7
Bath Street, Old Street,J6
Bath Terrace, Camberwell,J12
Bathurst Street, Hyde Park Gardens,C8
Bayham St. Camden Town,F5
Baynes Row, Coldbath Flds.,H7
Bear St. Leicester Square,G9
Beaumont Pl. Shepherd’s Bush,A9
Beaumont Sq. Mile End Rd.,N7
Beaumont Street, High St., Mary-le-bone,E7
Beaumont St. Mile End Rd.,N7
Beckford Row, Walworth,J12
Bedfordbury, St. Mart.’s La.,G9
Bedford Place, Kensington,A9
Bedford Place, Russell Sq.,G7
Bedford Row, Holborn,H7
Bedford Row, Old Kent Rd.,M13
Bedford Sq. Commercial Rd.,M8
Bedford Square, Tottenham Court Road,G7
Bedford St. Bedford Row,H7
Bedford St. Bedford Sq.,F7
Bedford Street, Cov. Gard.,G9
Bedford St. Lock’s Fields,J11
Beech Street, Barbican,J7
Beer Lane, Gt. Tower St.,K9
Belgrave Pl. Chelsea Rd.,E11
Belgrave Pl. South Lambeth,G13
Belgrave Rd. Chelsea Rd.,F11
Belgrave Square,E10
Belgrave St. King’s Cross,G6
Belgrave St. Belgrave Sq.,E10
Bell Street, Paddington,C7
Belmont Pl. South Lambeth,G12
Bennett’s Hill, Doct. Com.,I8
Bennett’s Row, Kenning. La.,I11
Bennett St. Stamford St.,I9
Bentinck St. Manchester Sq.,E8
Beresford Street, Camberwell Road,I12
Berkeley Square,E9
Berkeley Street, Piccadilly,E9
Berkeley St. Portman Sq.,D8
Berkeley St. Up. Portm. Sq.,D8
Bermondsey Street,K10
Bernard Street, Russell Sq.,G7
Berners St. Oxford Street,F8
Berwick St. Belgrave Road,F11
Berwick St. Oxford Street,F8
Bethlehem Hospital,H10
Bethnal Green,M6
Bethnal Green Road,L6
Bevis Marks, St. Mary Axe,K8
Bidborough Street, Burton Crescent,G6
Billingsgate, Thames St.,J9
Billiter La. Leadenhall St.,K8
Billiter Sq. Billiter Lane,K8
Birchin Lane, Cornhill,J8
Bird Street, Oxford Street,E8
Bird Street, West Square,H11
Birmingham Railway Station,F6
Bishop’s Road,B8
Bishop’s Walk, Lambeth,G11
Bishopsgate St. Cornhill,J8
Blackman Street, Borough,I10
Blandford Pl. Park Road,D7
Blandford Square,D7
Blandford Street, Portman Square,E8
Blenheim Pl. Grove End Rd.,B5
Blenheim St. Oxford Street,F8
Blomfield St. Finsbury Sq.,J8
Bloomsbury Square,G7
Bloomsbury Street,G8
Blossom Street, Spitalfields,K7
Blue Anchor Road, Bermondsey,L11
Bolingbroke Row, Walworth,J12
Bolton Row, Piccadilly,E9
Bolton Street, Piccadilly,E9
Bond Street, Chelsea,C11
Bond St. Commercial Rd.,H9
Bond Street, Old and New, Piccadilly,F9
Bond Street, Vauxhall,G12
Bond St. Waterloo Bridge Road,H9
Borough, High Street,J10
Borough Road, St. George’s Fields,I10
Boston Place, Dorset Sq.,D7
Boston Street, Dorset Sq.,D7
Botolph Lane, Lower Thames Street,J9
Bouverie Street, Fleet St.,H8
Bow Lane, Cheapside,J8
Bow Lane, Poplar High St.,P9
Bow Street, Covent Garden,G8
Bowling St. Westminster,G10
Bowling-green Street, Kennington,H12
Bradmore Pl. Hammersmith,A10
Brandsbury House,A2
Bread Street, Cheapside,I8
Bread Street Hill, Upper Thames Street,I8
Brecknock Cres. Cam. Town,F4
Brewer Street, Golden Sq.,F9
Brewer Street, Pimlico,E10
Brewer St. Somers Town,G6
Brick Lane, Old Street,I7
Brick Lane, Spitalfields,K7
Bricklayers’ Arms Railway Station,K11
Bride St. Liverpool Road,H4
Bridge Road, Southwark,I9
Bridge Rd. Westm. Bridge,H10
Bridge Street, Blackfriars,I8
Bridge Street, Greenwich,P13
Bridge Street, Southwark Bridge,J9
Bridge Street, Westminster,G10
Bridgewater Sq. Barbican,I7
Bridgewater St. Som. Town,F6
Bridport Place, New North Road,J5
Brighton Railway Station,J9
Bristowe Street, Hoxton,J5
Britannia Place, Hammersmith,A10
Britannia St. King’s Cross,H6
Broad Street, Bloomsbury,G8
Broad Street, Golden Sq.,F8
Broad St. Royal Exchange,J8
Broad Wall, New Cut,I9
Broadway, Deptford,O13
Broadway, Westminster,F10
Bromley Street, Stepney,N8
Brompton Crescent,C11
Brompton Sq. Brompton,C10
Brook Green Place, Brook Green,A10
Brook Street, Fitzroy Sq.,F7
Brook St. Grosvenor Sq.,E8
Brook Street, Holborn,H8
Brook Street, Lambeth,H11
Brook St. Up. Grosv. Sq.,E9
Brooksby Street, Islington,H4
Brownlow St. Long Acre,G8
Brudenel Place, New North Road,J5
Brunswick Square,G7
Brunswick St. Hackney Rd.,K6
Brunswick St. Stamford St.,I9
Bruton St. Berkeley Sq.,E9
Bryanston Square,D8
Bryanston St. Portman Sq.,D8
Brydges St. Covent Garden,G8
Buckingham Pl. Fitzroy Sq.,F7
Buckingham Street, Strand,G9
Bucklersbury, Cheapside,J8
Budge Row, Watling St.,J8
Bulstrode St., Manchest. Sq.,E8
Bunhill Row,J7
Burlington Street, New, Regent Street,F8
Burlington St. Old Bond St.,F9
Burnham St. Tooley Street,K10
Burr Street, Wapping,L9
Burton Crescent,G6
Burton Street, Eaton Square,E11
Burton St. Tavistock Sq.,G7
Burwood Pl. Edgeware Rd.,D8
Bury Street, Bloomsbury,G8
Bury Street, St. James’s,F9
Bush Lane, Cannon Street,J9
Buxton Place, Lambeth Ter.,H10
Cable Street, Rosemary La.,L9
Cadogan Place, Sloane St.,D10
Cadogan Square,D10
Cadogan St. Sloane Street,D11
Cadogan Ter. Notting Hill,A9
Cadogan Ter. Sloane Street,D11
Calthorpe St. Gray’s Inn Rd.,H7
Camberwell Row, Camberwell,J13
Cambridge Pl. Cambr. Sq.,C8
Cambridge Pl. Hackney Rd.,L6
Cambridge Square,C8
Cambridge St. Cambr. Sq.,D8
Cambridge St. Hackney Rd.,L6
Cambridge Ter. Reg. Park,E6
Camden Hill, Kensington,A10
Camden Row, Peckham,K13
Camden St. Bethnal Gr. Rd.,M6
Camden St. Camden Town,F5
Camden Ter. Camden Town,F4
Camomile St. Bishopsgt. St.,K8
Cannon Row, Westminster,G10
Cannon Street, City,J9
Cannon Street, Ratcliff Highway,L9
Cannon Street Road,L8
Canonbury Place,I4
Canonbury Square,I
Canonbury St. Lower Road,J4
Canonbury Terrace,I4
Canterbury Bldgs. Lambeth,H11
Canterbury Place, Lambeth,H11
Canterbury Row, Lambeth,H10
Canton Place, Limehouse,O8
Capland St. Lisson Grove,C7
Carburton St. Fitzroy Sq.,F7
Carey St. Lincoln’s Inn Flds.,H8
Cardington Street, Hampstead Road,F6
Carlisle Lane, Lambeth,H10
Carlisle Street, Paddington,C7
Carlton Gardens, Pall Mall,F9
Carlton House Ter. Pall Mall,F9
Carnaby Street, Golden Sq.,F8
Caroline Pl. Foundling Hosp.,H7
Caroline Place, Paddington,D6
Caroline Pl. Pancras Vale,E4
Caroline Place, Park Road,D6
Caroline St. Bedford Square,G8
Caroline St. Marlboro. Rd.,C11
Caroline St. Sloane Square,E11
Carrington St. May Fair,E9
Carter Lane, St. Paul’s,I8
Carter Street, Walworth,I12
Castle Street, Finsbury,J7
Castle Street, Holborn,H8
Castle Street, Leicester Sq.,G9
Castle Street, Long Acre,G8
Castle Street, Oxford Street,F8
Castle Street, Shoreditch,K6
Castelnau Villas, Hammersmith Bridge,A12
Catherine St. Commerc. Rd.,L8
Catherine Street, Stepney,N8
Catherine Street, Strand,H8
Cato St. Edgeware Road,D8
Cavendish Square,E8
Cavendish St. Cavend. Sq.,E8
Cavendish Street, Hoxton,J6
Cavendish Street, New, Portland Place,E7
Cecil Street, Strand,G9
Chadwell St. St. John’s St.,I6
Chalton St. Somers Town,G6
Chambers Street, Goodman’s Fields,L8
Chancery Lane,H8
Chandler St. Grosvenor Sq.,E8
Chandos St. Cavend. Sq.,E8
Chandos St. Covent Garden,G9
Chapel Place, Hammersmith,A11
Chapel Row, Brompton,D10
Chapel Street, Broadway,F10
Chapel St. Cannon St. Rd.,L8
Chapel St. Grosvenor Place,E10
Chapel Street, New Road,D7
Chapel Street, Paddington,D7
Chapel Street, Pentonville,H6
Chapel St. Somers Town,G6
Chapel St. South Audley St.,E9
Chapman St. Cannon St. Rd.,L8
Chapman St. Liverpool Rd.,H5
Chapter Street, Vincent Sq.,F11
Charing Cross,G9
Charles St. Berkeley Sq.,E9
Charles St. Blackfriars Rd.,I9
Charles St. Commerc. Rd.,M8
Charles St. Grosvenor Sq.,E9
Charles St. Hampstead Rd.,F7
Charles St. Hatton Garden,H7
Charles Square, Hoxton,J6
Charles St. Knightsbridge,D10
Charles St. Manchester Sq.,E8
Charles St. Middlesex Hosp.,F8
Charles St. Northampton Sq.,I6
Charles St. Queen’s Elm.,C11
Charles St. Somers Town,F6
Charles St. St. James’s Sq.,F9
Charles St. Westminster,G10
Charlotte St. Bedford Sq.,F7
Charlotte St. Blackfriars Rd.,I9
Charlotte St. Cannon St. Rd.,L8
Charlotte Street, Pimlico,F10
Charlotte St. Portland Pl.,E7
Charlotte St. Rathbone Pl.,F7
Charlton St. Titchfield St.,F7
Charter-house Lane,I7
Charter-house Sq. Aldersgate Street,I7
Chart Street, Hoxton,K6
Chelsea Hospital,D12
Chelsea Road, Pimlico,E11
Chenies St. Tottm. Ct. Rd.,F7
Cherington Row, Bethnal Green Road,L6
Cherry Garden St. Rotherh.,L10
Chesham Pl. Belgrave Sq.,D10
Chesham St. Belgrave Sq.,D11
Cheshire St. Bethnal Green,L7
Chester Pl. Hyde Park Sq.,C8
Chester Place, Kennington Cross,H11
Chester Square,E11
Chester St. Grosvenor Pl.,E10
Chester Ter. Regent’s Pk.,E5
Chesterfield St. King’s Cross,G6
Cheyne Row, Chelsea,C12
Cheyne Walk, Chelsea,C12
China Ter. Walcot Place.,H11
Chiswell St. Finsbury Sq.,J7
Christian St. Cannon St. Rd.,L8
Church Lane, Chelsea,C12
Church Lane, Hammersmith,A12
Church Lane, Limehouse,O8
Church La. Rosemary Lane,L8
Church Lane, Whitechapel,L8
Church Road, Notting Hill,A9
Church Row, Bethnal Green,L7
Church Row, Commercial Roa,O8
Church Row, Newing. Butts,I11
Church Row, St. Pancras,G6
Church Street, Deptford,O13
Church Street, Greenwich,Q13
Church Street, Hackney,M4
Church St. Horsleydown,K10
Church Street, Hoxton,K7
Church Street, Islington,I5
Church Street, Lambeth,G11
Church Street, Paddington,C7
Church Street, Rotherhithe,M10
Church Street, Shoreditch,K7
Church Street, Soho,F8
Church Street, Spitalfields,K7
Church St. Whitechapel Rd.,L8
Circus, Minories,K9
Circus Rd. Portland Town,C6
Circus St. Upper York St.,C6
Circus, The, Greenwich,Q13
Cirencester Pl. Fitzroy Sq.,F7
City Road, from Finsbury Square to Islington,I6
Clandon Street, Walworth,J12
Clapham Road Place, Clapham Road,H13
Clapham Road,H13
Claremont Sq. Pentonville,H6
Clarence Place, Camberwell,J13
Clarence Place, Pentonville,H6
Clarence St. Rotherhithe,M10
Clarence Ter. Regent’s Pk.,D7
Clarendon Pl. Bayswater,B9
Clarendon Pl. Maida Hill,B6
Clarendon Road, Notting Hill,A9
Clarendon Sq. Somers Town,F6
Clarendon St. Clarendon Sq.,F6
Clarendon Ter. Camberwell,J13
Clarges Street, Piccadilly,E9
Clark St. Commercial Rd.,M8
Clayton St. Kennington Gr.,H12
Cleaver St. Kennington Cr.,H12
Clement’s Inn, Strand,H8
Clement’s La. Lombard St.,J8
Clerkenwell Green,I7
Cleveland Row, Pall Mall,F9
Cleveland St. Fitzroy Sq.,F7
Clifford’s Inn, Fleet Street,H8
Clifford St. New Bond St.,F9
Clifton Place, Sussex Sq.,C8
Clifton Street, Finsbury Sq.,J7
Clipstone St. Fitzroy Sq.,F7
Cloak Lane, Queen Street,J8
Cloudesley Square, Islington,H5
Cloudesley Ter. Islington,H5
Club Row, Spitalfields,K7
Coborn Road, Mile End Rd.,O6
Coborn St. Mile End Rd.,O6
Coburg Place, Hammersmith,A11
Coburg Road, Kent Road,K12
Cochrane Terrace, Portland Town,C6
Cock Hill, Ratcliff Cross,N9
Cock Lane, Snowhill,I8
Cockspur St. Charing Cross,G9
Cold Bath Sq. Clerkenwell,H7
Colehill House, Fulham,A13
Colehill Lane, Fulham,A13
Coleman Street,J8
Coleshill Street, Eaton Sq.,E11
College Hill, Upper Thames Street,J9
College St. Camden Town,F5
College Street, Chelsea,C11
College Street, Westminster,G10
Collingwood St. Blackfriars Road,I9
Collingwood St. Camberwell Road,I13
Collyer Street, Pentonville,H6
Commercial Road,L8
Commercial Road, Chelsea,E12
Commercial Rd. Waterloo Bridge,H9
Compton St. Old and New, Soho,G8
Compton St. St. John St.,I7
Compton St. Tavistock Sq.,G7
Conduit St. New Bond St.,F8
Connaught Place, Edgeware Road,D8
Connaught Square, Edgeware Road,D8
Connaught Ter. Edgeware Road,D8
Cooper’s Row, Tower Hill,K9
Copenhagen St. Islington,H5
Coppice Row, Clerkenwell Green,H7
Coram Street, Russell Sq.,G7
Cork Street, Old Bond St.,F9
Cornwall Road, Commercial Road,H9
Cornwall St. Cannon St. Rd.,M8
Cornwall Ter. Regent’s Pk.,D7
Corporation Row, St. John Street,I7
Cottage Green, Camberwell,J13
Cottage Grove, Mile End Road,O6
Cottage Row & St. Poplar,P9
Cotton Street, Poplar,Q9
County St. New Kent Rd.,J11
Covent Garden,G8
Coventry St. Bethnal Green,M6
Coventry Street, Haymarket,F9
Cow Cross, West Smithfield,I7
Cowley Road, Vassal Road,H3
Cranbourne St. Leicester Sq.,G8
Craven Cottage, Fulham,A12
Craven Street, Hoxton,J6
Craven Street, Strand,G9
Crawford Street, Gloucester Place,D7
Creed Lane, Ludgate Hill,I8
Crimscot St. Bermondsey,K11
Crisp Street, Poplar,P8
Crispin Street, Spitalfields,K7
Critchell Pl. New North Rd.,J6
Cromer Street,G6
Cropley Street, Hoxton,K6
Crosby Row, Snow’s Fields,I11
Crosby Row, Walworth,I11
Crosby Sq. Bishopsgate St.,K8
Crosier Street, Lambeth,H10
Cross St. Blackfriars Road,I9
Cross Street, Finsbury Pl.,J7
Cross St. Hatton Garden,H7
Cross Street, Islington,I5
Cross St. Newington Butts,I11
Crown Row, Walworth,I11
Crown Street, Finsbury Sq.,J7
Crown Street, Soho,G8
Croydon Railway Station,J9
Crucifix Lane, Bermondsey,K10
Crutched Friars, Mark Lane,K9
Cumberland Market,E6
Cumberland Pl. Kent Rd.,K12
Cumberland Place, New,D7
Cumberland Place & Street, Bryanstone Square,D8
Cumberland Street, Bryanstone Square,D8
Cumberland St. Hackney Rd.,L6
Cumberland Street, Upper York Street,D7
Cumberland Terrace, Regent’s Park,E6
Cumming St. Pentonville,H6
Cursitor St. Chancery Lane,H8
Curtain Road, Shoreditch,K7
Curzon Street, May Fair,E9
Dalby Terrace, City Road,I6
Dalgleish Street, Limehouse,O8
Dalston Lane,L3
Dalston Terrace,K4
Danvers Street, Chelsea,C12
Dartmouth St. Westminster,F10
Davies St. Berkeley Sq.,E8
De Beauvoir Square,K4
Dean St. Commercial Road,M8
Dean Street, Fetter Lane,H8
Dean St. New North Road,J5
Dean Street, Park Lane,E9
Dean Street, Red Lion Sq.,H8
Dean Street, Soho,F8
Dean Street, Tooley Street,J9
Dean Street, Westminster,G10
Dean’s Yard, Westminster,G10
Dempsey Street, Commercial Road,M8
Denmark Street, Ratcliff Highway,L9
Denmark Street, St. Giles’s,G8
Denton St. King’s Cross,G6
Deptford Lower Road,M10
Derby Street,G10
Derbyshire Street, Bethnal Green Road,L6
Deverell Street, Great Dover Street,J11
Devonport Street, Commercial Road,M8
Devonport Street, Sussex Square,C8
Devonshire Place, Kennington Lane,H12
Devonshire Place, Wimpole Street,E7
Devonshire St. Globe Lane,M7
Devonshire Street, Hoxton,J5
Devonshire Street, Lisson Grove,C7
Devonshire Street, Newington Causeway,I10
Devonshire Street, Portland Place,E7
Devonshire St. Queen Sq.,G7
Distaff Lane, Friday Street,I8
Dock St. Commercial Road,M8
Dock St. Rosemary Lane,M8
Doddington Grove, Kennington Road,I12
Doncaster Place, Kent Rd.,K12
Doran’s Row, Commercial Road,L8
Dorchester St. New North Road,J5
Dorcas Builds. Brook Green,A10
Doris Street, Lambeth,H11
Dorset Sq. Regent’s Park,D7
Dorset Street, Fleet Street,I8
Dorset St. Portman Square,D7
Dorset St. Seymour Place,D7
Dorset Street, Spitalfields,K8
Doughty St. Foundl. Hosp.,H7
Dover Pl. New Kent Road,J11
Dover Railway Station,J9
Dover St. Great, Borough,J10
Dover Street, Piccadilly,F9
Dowgate Hill, Upper Thames Street,J9
Dowling Street, Deptford,O13
Down Street, Piccadilly,E9
Downham Road, Kingsland Road,J5
Downing Street,G10
Drummond Crescent, Somers Town,F6
Drummond St. Som. Town,F6
Drury Lane,G8
Duck’s Foot Lane, Upper Thames Street,J9
Dudley Street, Seven Dials,G8
Duke Street, Bloomsbury,G8
Duke Street, Borough,J9
Duke Street, Chelsea,C12
Duke St. Grosvenor Square,E8
Duke St. Linc. Inn Fields,H8
Duke St. Manchester Sq.,E8
Duke St. Portland Place,E7
Duke Street. Spitalfields,K7
Duke Street, St. James’s,F9
Duke Street, Westminster,G10
Duke St. West Smithfield,I8
Duncan Street, City Road,I6
Duncan Terrace, City Road,I6
Durham Pl. Chelsea Hosp.,D12
Durham Place, Dalston,L4
Durham Street, Kennington Lane,H12
Duchess St. Portland Place,E7
Eagle St. Red Lion Square,G8
Eagle Wharf Road,I6
Earl Street, Blackfriars,I8
Earl Street, Edgeware Rd. Paddington,C7
Earl Street, Horseferry Rd.,F11
Earl Street, Seven Dials,G8
Eastcheap, Cannon Street,J9
Eastfield Street, Stepney,N8
East India Dock Road,O8
East London Cemetery, Stepney,N7
East Smithfield,K9
East Street, Kent Road,K11
East St. Red Lion Square,G7
East Street, Walcot Place,H11
East Street, Walworth,J12
Eastern Counties Railway Station,K7
Easton Street, Exmouth St.,H7
Eastman’s Place, Kent Rd.,K12
Eaton Place, Eaton Square,E10
Eaton Square,E11
Eaton Street, Pimlico,E10
Ebury Place, Chelsea Road,E11
Ebury Square, Chelsea Rd.,E11
Ebury Street, Pimlico,E11
Eccleston Sq. Belgrave Rd.,E10
Eccleston St. Chelsea Road,E11
Edgeware Road,C7
Edmond St. King’s Cross,G6
Edwards Sq. Kensington,A11
Edward St. Blackfriars Rd.,I9
Edward St. Portman Square,E8
Edward Street, Stepney,N7
Edward St. Wenlock Basin,J6
Elder Street, Spitalfields,K7
Eldon St. Finsbury Square,J8
Elim St. Long Lane, Boro.,J10
Elizabeth Place, Harrow Rd.,A7
Elizabeth St. Eaton Square,E11
Elizabeth St. Hackney Rd.,L6
Elizabeth St. Hans Place,D10
Elm-tree Rd. Portland Town,C6
Ely Place, Hatton Garden,H8
Emily St. Mile End Road,M7
Endell Street,G8
Endsleigh Street, Tavistock Square,G7
Ernest St. Mile End Road,N7
Ernest St. Regent’s Park,E6
Esher Street, Westminster,F11
Essex Street, Globe Lane,M7
Essex St. Kingsland Rd.,K6
Essex Street, Strand,H8
Euston Square, New Road,F6
Everett Street, Brunswick Square,G7
Evelyn Street, Hoxton,K6
Exeter St. Catherine Street,G8
Exeter Street, Paddington,C7
Exeter Street, Sloane Street,D10
Exmouth Street, Commercial Road,M8
Exmouth St. Coppice Row,H7
Eyre Street, Leather Lane,H7
Fair Street, Horsleydown,K10
Falcon Sq. Aldersgate St.,I8
Falcon St. Aldersgate St.,I8
Farm St. Berkeley Square,E9
Featherstone Street, Bunhill Row,J7
Felix Street, Bridge Road,H10
Felix Street, Hackney Rd.,M6
Felton St. Kingsland Rd.,K4
Fenchurch Street,J8
Fendall Street, Bermondsey,K10
Fetter Lane, Fleet Street,H8
Fieldgate St. Whitechapel Road,L8
Fig Lane,F5
Finch Lane, Cornhill,J8
Finsbury Circus,J8
Finsbury Pl. Finsbury Sq.,J8
Finsbury Square,J7
Fish Street Hill,J9
Fitzroy Square,F7
Fitzroy Street, Fitzroy Sq.,F7
Flaggon Row, Deptford,O12
Fleet Lane, Farringdon St.,I8
Fleet Street,H8
Fleet Street, Spitalfields,L7
Flint Street, East Lane, Walworth,J11
Fludyer St. Westminster,G10
Foley Place, Portland St.,F7
Foley Street, Portland St.,F7
Fore Street, Cripplegate,J8
Fore Street, Lambeth,G11
Fore Street, Limehouse,O9
Fort Place, Grange Road,K11
Fort Street, Spital Square,K7
Foster Lane, Cheapside,I8
Fountain Place, City Roa,I6
Fox’s Lane, Shadwell,M9
Foxley Road, Kennington,H13
Francis Street, Newington Butts,I11
Francis Street, Tottenham Court Road,F7
Frederick Street, Grays’s Inn Road,H6
Frederick Street, Hampstead Road,F6
Frederick St. Portland Town,D5
Frederick St. Regent’s Pk.,F7
Freeman’s La. Horsleydown,K10
Freeschool St. Horsleydown,K10
Friar’s St. Blackfriars Rd.,I10
Friday Street, Cheapside,I8
Frith Street, Soho,F8
Frog Lane, Islington,I5
Fryer’s Road, Greenwich,Q12
Fulham Palace, Fulham,A14
Fulham Road,A14
Fuller St. Bethnal Green,L6
Furnival’s Hill, Holborn,H8
Gainsford St. Horsleydown,K10
Garden Row, Camberwell Road,J13
Garden Row, Chelsea,D11
Garden Row, London Road,I10
Garlick Hill, Upper Thames Street,J8
Gate St. Lincoln’s Inn Flds.,H8
General Cemetery, Harrow Rd.,A7
George Street, Adelphi,G9
George St. Bethnal Green,M6
George St. Blackfriars Rd.,I9
George Street, Foley Street,F7
George Street, Great, Hanover Square,E8
George Street, Great, Neckinger Road,K10
George Street, Great, Westminster,G10
George Street, Hackney,M6
George Street, Hammersmith,A11
George St. Hampstead Rd.,F6
George Street, Lambeth,H11
George St. Mile End Road,N7
George St. Oxford Street,E8
George St. Portman Square,D8
George St. Sloane Square,D11
George Street, Stepney,N8
George Street, Upper, Edgeware Road,D8
Gerrard Street, Islington,I5
Gerrard St. Prince’s Street,F8
Gibraltar Row, St. George’s Road,I11
Gilbert Street, Bloomsbury,G8
Gill Street, Limehouse,O8
Gillingham Street, Vauxhall Bridge Road,F11
Giltspur St. West Smithfield,I8
Glasshouse Street, Vauxhall Walk,G11
Globe Lane, Mile End Rd.,M7
Globe Street, Globe Lane,M6
Gloucester Cres. Regt’s. Pk.,E5
Gloucester Place,D7
Gloucester Pl. Bishop’s Rd.,B8
Gloucester Pl. Kent Road,K12
Gloucester Pl. Portman Sq.,D8
Gloucester Rd. Kensington,B10
Gloucester Rd. Regent’s Pk.,E5
Gloucester Square,C8
Gloucester Street, Cannon Street Road,L8
Gloucester St. Curtain Rd.,K6
Gloucester St. Hackney Rd.,L5
Gloucester St. New, Hoxton,J6
Gloucester St. Portman Sq.,D8
Gloucester St. Queen Sq.,G7
Gloucester Street, St. John Street Road,I6
Gloucester Street, Upper Dorset Square,D7
Gloucester Ter. Bayswater,B8
Gloucester Ter. Regt’s. Pk.,E5
Golden Lane, Barbican,J7
Golden Square,F8
Goldsmith’s Pl. Hackney Rd.,L6
Goldsworthy Terrace, Lower Deptford Road,M11
Goodge Street, Tottenham Court Road,F7
Goodman’s Fields,K8
Gordon St. Gordon Square,F7
Gordon Street, Islington,I5
Gordon Square,G7
Gore Lane, Brompton,C10
Goswell Street,I7
Goswell Street Road,I6
Gough Square, Fleet Street,H8
Goulston St. Whitechapel,K8
Gower St. Bedford Square,F7
Gower’s Walk, Church Lane,L8
Gracechurch St. Cornhill,J8
Grafton Pl. Kentish Town,F4
Grafton St. Fitzroy Square,F7
Grafton St. Old Bond St.,E9
Grafton Street, Soho,G8
Grange Road, Dalston,J5
Grange Road, Kent Road,K11
Grange Walk, Bermondsey,K10
Grange Walk, Hoxton,J5
Gravel Lane, Houndsditch,K8
Gravel Lane, New, Ratcliff Highway,M9
Gravel Lane, Old, Ratcliff Highway,M9
Gravel Lane, Southwark,I9
Gray’s Inn, Holborn,H7
Gray’s Inn Lane,H7
Great Chapel Street, Wardour Street,F8
Great Chapel St. Westm.,F10
Great St. Andrew Street, Seven Dials,G8
Great St. Helen’s, Bishopsgate Street,K8
Great Western Railway Station,C8
Greek Street, Soho,F8
Green Walk, Blackfriars,I9
Green St. Bethnal Green,M6
Green Street, Borough Rd.,I10
Green Street, Globe Lane,M7
Green St. Grosvenor Sq.,D8
Green St. Leicester Square,G9
Green Street, Stepney,M8
Greenfield St. Whitechapel,L8
Greenwich Hospital,Q12
Grenville St. Brunswick Sq.,G7
Grenville St. Clarendon Sq.,F6
Gresham Street,J8
Gresse St. Rathbone Place,F8
Greville St. Hatton Garden,H7
Grey-coat St. Vincent Sq.,F11
Grey Eagle St. Spitalfields,K7
Griffin Street, Deptford,O13
Griffin St. Upper Shadwell,M9
Grosvenor Cres. Belgrave Sq.,E10
Grosvenor Place, Hyde Pk. Corner,E10
Grosvenor Place, Lower, Grosvenor Place,E10
Grosvenor Sq. Camberwell,I12
Grosvenor St. Camberwell,I12
Grosvenor Road, Pimlico,E11
Grosvenor Row, Chelsea,E11
Grosvenor Square,E8
Grosvenor St. Grosv. Sq.,E8
Grosvenor Street, Upper, Grosvenor Square,E9
Grosvenor Street, West, Belgrave Square,E10
Grove End, St. John’s Wood Road,C6
Grove End Road, St. John’s Wood,C6
Grove Place, Hackney,M4
Grove Pl. Mile End Road,O6
Grove Road, Mile End,O6
Grove Road, St. John’s Wood,C6
Grove St. Camden Town,E5
Grove Street, Deptford Lower Road,O12
Grove St. Mile End Road,N7
Grove, The, Mile End Road,O6
Grundy Street, Poplar,P8
Guildford Pl. Coppice Row,H7
Guildford Street, Borough,I9
Guildford St. Russell Sq.,G7
Gutter Lane, Cheapside,I8
Haberdasher’s Walk, Hoxton,J6
Haberdasher’s St. Hoxton,J6
Hackney Road,L6
Half-moon St. Piccadilly,E9
Halifax Street, Whitechapel Road,L7
Halkin St. Grosvenor Place,E10
Hall Park, Edgeware Road,C6
Hall Place, Circus Road,C6
Halton Street, Islington,I4
Hamilton Place, Piccadilly,E9
Hamilton Place, Kennington Common,H13
Hamilton Terrace, St. John’s Wood Road,C6
Hammersmith Bridge,A11
Hampden St. Clarendon Sq.,F6
Hampstead Road,F6
Hampton Street, Newington Butts,I11
Hanover Crescent, Notting Hill,A9
Hanover Place, Kent Road,K12
Hanover Square,E8
Hanover St. Hanover Sq.,F8
Hanover Street, Newington Butts,I11
Hanover Street, Rotherhithe,M10
Hanover Ter. Regent’s Pk.,D6
Hans Place, Sloane Street,D10
Hans Street, Sloane Street,D10
Harcourt Street, New Road,D7
Hare Street, Spitalfields,L7
Hare Walk, Hoxton,K6
Harley Place, Mile End Rd.,O6
Harley St. Cavendish Sq.,E7
Harley St. Mile End Road,O6
Harmood St. Hampstead Road,E4
Harp Lane, Lower Thames Street,K9
Harper St. New Kent Rd.,J11
Harrington Square,F6
Harrison St. Gray’s Inn Rd.,G6
Harrow Road,B7
Hart Street, Bloomsbury,G8
Hart St. Covent Garden,G8
Hartford Place, Walworth,I12
Hastings St. Burton Cresc.,G6
Hatfield Street, Goswell Street,I7
Hatfield St. Stamford St.,H9
Hatton Garden, Holborn,H7
Hatton Wall, Hatton Garden,H7
Havil St. Southampton St.,J13
Hawkesbury Place, Old Kent Road,J11
Hay Hill, Berkeley Square,E9
Haydon Square, Minories,K8
Heath St. Commercial Rd.,N8
Heathcote Street, Gray’s Inn Road,H6
Hemming’s Row, St. Martin’s Lane,G9
Heneage Street, Brick Lane,L7
Henrietta St. Brunswick Sq.,G7
Henrietta St. Cavendish Sq.,E8
Henrietta Street, Covent Garden,G8
Henrietta Street, Manchester Square,E8
Henry St. Cannon St. Road,L8
Henry St. Gray’s Inn Lane,H7
Henry Street, Pentonville,H6
Henry St. Portland Town,C6
Henry Street, Tottenham Court Road,F7
Herbert Street, Hoxton,J6
Hercules Builds. Lambeth,H10
Hereford St. Lisson Grove,D7
Hereford St. Park Lane,D8
Hermes Street, Pentonville,H6
Hermitage Street, Wapping,L9
Hertford Rd. Kingsland Rd.,K5
Hertford St. Fitzroy Square,F7
Hertford Street, May Fair,E9
Hickman’s Folly, Dock Head,K10
Highbury Grove,I3
Highbury Park Place,I3
Highbury Terrace, Highbury Place,I3
High Street, Aldgate,K8
High Street, Borough,J10
High Street, Fulham,A14
High Street, Lambeth,G11
High Street, Marylebone,E7
High Street, St. Giles’s,G8
High Street, Whitechapel,K8
Hill Road, Abbey Road,C6
Hill Street, Berkeley Square,E9
Hill St. Finsbury Square,J7
Hill Street, Peckham,L13
Hinde St. Manchester Sq.,E8
Holborn Hill,H8
Holland St. Clapham Road,H13
Holland Street, Blackfriars Road,I9
Holles St. Cavendish Sq.,E8
Holloway New Road,G3
Holloway Place, Holloway,H3
Holloway St. Whitechapel,L8
Holloway Ter. Holloway,G3
Holmes St. Commercial Rd.,M
Holywell Lane, Shoreditch,K7
Holywell Row, Curtain Rd.,K7
Holywell Street, Millbank,G11
Holywell Street, Strand,H8
Homer Row, John Street, New Road,D7
Homer Street, Lambeth,H10
Homer Street, New Road,D7
Homerton Terrace and Row,M3
Hope Terrace, Notting Hill,A9
Horney Lane, Neckinger Road,K10
Hornsey Grove, Holloway,H3
Horse Guards, Whitehall,G9
Horseferry Rd. Westminst.,F11
Horsleydown Lane, Horsleydown,K10
Horsemonger Lane, Newington Causeway,I10
Hosier La. West Smithfield,I8
Houndsditch, Bishopsgate,K8
House of Correction,H7
Houses of Parliament,G10
Howard Street, Strand,H8
Howland St. Fitzroy Square,F7
Hoxton Road,K6
Hoxton Square, Hoxton,K6
Hungerford Market, Strand,G9
Hunt Street, Spitalfields,K7
Hunter St. Brunswick Sq.,G6
Hunter St. Great Dover St.,J10
Huntingdon St. Kingsland Road,K6
Hyde Park,D9
Hyde Pk. Corner, Piccadilly,E10
Hyde Park Gardens, Bayswater,C8
Hyde Park Square,C8
Hyde Park St. Bayswater,C8
Jacob Street, Rotherhithe,L10
Jamaica Row, Bermondsey,L10
Jamaica St. Commercial Rd.,M8
Jamaica Place, West India Docks,O8
James Street, Bedford Row,H7
James St. Camden Town,E5
James St. Covent Garden,G8
James Street, East India Dock Road,P8
James Street, Hay market,F9
James St. Lambeth Marsh,H10
James Street, Lisson Grove,D7
James St. Marlborough Rd.,D11
James Street, Oxford Street,E8
James St. St. Mark’s Road,I13
James Street, Stepney,N8
James Street, Westminster,F10
Jane St. Commercial Road,L8
Idol Lane, Tower Street,K9
Jeffries St. Camden Town,F4
Jermyn Street, Piccadilly,F9
Jewin St. Aldersgate Street,7
Jewry Street, Aldgate,K8
John Street, Adelphi,G9
John Street, Bedford Row,H7
John St. Berkeley Square,E9
John St. Commercial Road,M8
John St. Edgeware Road,D8
John St. Mile End Road,N7
John Street, Minories,K8
John Street, New Road,D7
John Street, Oxford Street,F8
John Street, Pentonville,H6
John Street, Stamford Street,H9
John St. Tottenham Court Road,F7
John St. Whitechapel Road,L7
John’s Row, Brick Lane, Old Street,I6
John’s St. Cannon St. Rd.,L8
John’s Street, Islington,H6
Johnson’s St. Somers Town,F6
Joiner’s St. Tooley Street,J9
Joiner’s Street, Westminster Bridge Road,H10
Ironmonger La. Cheapside,J8
Ironmonger Row, Old St.,J6
Judd Place, New Roa,G6
Judd St. Burton Crescent,G6
Ivy Lane, Newgate Street,I8
Ivy Street, Hoxton,K6
Kender Street, Hatcham,M13
Kennington Cross,H12
Kennington Green,H12
Kennington Lane,H12
Kennington Oval,H12
Kennington Place, Kennington Grove,H12
Kennington Row,H12
Kensington Crescent, Hammersmith,A10
Kensington Gore,B10
Kensington Hall, North End,A12
Kensington Pl. Bayswater,A9
Kensington Square,B10
Kent Road, New,I11
Kent Road, Old,J11
Kent St. Great Dover St.J10
Kent Terrace, Regent’s Pk.D6
Kenton St. Brunswick Sq.G7
Keppel Street, Brompton,C11
Keppel St. Russell Square,G7
King David Lane, Ratcliff Highway,M9
King Edward St. Newgate Street,I8
Kingsgate Street, Holborn,G8
Kingsland Cres. Kingsland,K5
Kingsland Place, Kingsland,K4
Kingsland Road,K6
King’s Road, Chelsea,C12
King’s Rd. Gray’s Inn Lane,H7
King’s Road, Hoxton,K5
King’s Road, Poplar,P9
King’s Road, St. Pancras,F5
King’s Square, Goswell St. Road,I6
King St. Borough High St.,J10
King Street, Brick Lane,K7
King Street, Camden Town,F5
King Street, Cheapside,J8
King Street, Covent Garden,G8
King Street, Deptford,O14
King Street, Goswell Street,I7
King Street, Hammersmith,A11
King Street, Holborn,G8
King Street, Portman Sq.,D8
King Street, Seven Dials,G8
King Street, Snow Hill,I8
King Street, Soho,G8
King Street, St. James’s,F9
King Street, Westminster,G10
King William Street,J8
King William St. Strand,G9
Kirby St. Hatton Garden,H7
Knight Rider Street, St. Paul’s Church Yard,I8
Lad Lane, Milk Street,J8
Ladbroke Grove, Notting Hill,A9
Ladbroke Place, Notting Hill,A9
Lambeth Hill, Upper Thames Street,I8
Lambeth Marsh, Westminster Bridge Road,H10
Lambeth Road, St. George’s Fields,H10
Lambeth Walk,H11
Lamb’s Conduit Street, Red Lion Square,H7
Lamb Street, Spitalfields,K7
Langham Pl. Portland Place,E8
Lansdowne Place, Brunswick Square,G7
Lansdowne Crescent, Notting Hill,A9
Lant Street, Blackman St.,I10
Lark Hall Lane,G13
Lawn Place, Shepherd’s Bush,A9
Lawrence Lane, Cheapside,J8
Lawrence Pountney Lane, Cannon Street,J9
Laystall St. Gray’s Inn La.,H7
Leadenhall Street, Cornhill,K8
Leader Street, Chelsea,C11
Leather Lane, Holborn,H7
Leicester Pl. Leicester Sq.,G9
Leicester Square,G9
Leicester Street, Blackwall,Q9
Leicester St. Leicester Sq.,G9
Leigh St. Burton Crescent,G6
Leipsic Road, Camberwell,I13
Leonard St. Curtain Road,J7
Limehouse Causeway,O9
Lime St. Leadenhall Street,J8
Lincoln’s Inn Fields,H8
Linden Grove, Bayswater,A9
Lion St. New Kent Road,I11
Liquorpond Street, Gray’s Inn Lane,H7
Lisle St. Leicester Square,G8
Lisson Grove, Paddington,D7
Lisson St. Edgeware Road,C7
Litchfield St. Grafton St.,G8
Little Britain, Aldersgate St.,I8
Liverpool Road, Islington,H4
Liverpool Street, Bishopsgate Street,K8
Liverpool St. King’s Cross,G6
Lloyd Sq. New River Head,H6
Lodge Road, Park Road,C6
Lombard Street, Cornhill,J8
Lombard Street, Mint Street, Borough,I10
London Road, St. George’s Fields,I10
London St. Commercial Rd.,N8
London Street, Dockhead, Horsleydown,L10
London St. Fenchurch St.,K8
London St. Fitzroy Square,F7
London Street, Greenwich,P13
London St. London Road,I10
London Street, Paddington,C8
London Wall,J8
Long Acre,G8
Long Alley, Finsbury,K7
Long Lane, Borough,J10
Long Lane, Smithfield,I7
Lothbury, the Bank,J8
Louisa St. Beaumont Sq.,M7
Love Lane, Low. Thames St.,J9
Love Lane, Old Gravel Lane,M9
Love Lane, Wood Street,J8
Loving Edward’s Lane, Deptford,N13
Lower Mall, Hammersmith,A12
Lower Street, Islington,I5
Lowndes Place, Holloway,H3
Lowndes Sq. Knightsbridge,E10
Lowndes St. Lowndes Sq.,D10
Lucas St. Commercial Road,M8
Lucas St. Rotherhithe St.,L10
Ludgate Hill, Fleet Street,I8
Ludgate Street, St. Paul’s Churchyard,I8
Luke Street, Shoreditch,J7
Mabledon Pl. Burton Cres.,G6
Macclesfield St. City Road,I6
Macclesfield St. Gerrard St.,F8
Maddox St. Hanover Sq.,F8
Magdalen St. Tooley Street,K9
Maida Hill and Place, Edgeware Road,B6
Maida Hill, West, Edgeware Road,C7
Maiden Lane,G4
Maiden La. Covent Garden,G9
Maidman’s Row, Mile End Road,N7
Manchester Builds. Westm.,G10
Manchester Square,E8
Manchester Street, Bethnal Green Road,L7
Manchester St. King’s Cross,G6
Manchester Street, Manchester Square,E8
Manor Place, Walworth.,I11
Manor Row, King’s Road,C12
Manor Street, Cheyne Walk,D12
Mansel St. Goodman’s Fields,K8
Mansfield Pl. Kentish Town,F3
Mansfield St. Borough Rd.,I10
Mansfield St. Kingsland Rd.,K5
Mansfield St. Portland Pl.,E7
Mapes Street, Bethnal Green Road,L7
Marchmont Street, Brunswick Square,G7
Mare Street, Hackney,M5
Margaret Street, Cavendish Square,F8
Margaret St. Hackney Rd.,L5
Margaret Street, Spafields,H6
Maria St. Beaumont Square,M7
Market St. Edgeware Road,C8
Market St. Millbank Street,G11
Mark Lane, Fenchurch St.,K9
Markham Street, Chelsea,D11
Marlborough Pl. Abbey Rd.,B6
Marlborough Rd. Brompton,D11
Marlborough Road, Greenwich Road,L12
Marlborough Sq. Chelsea,C11
Marlborough St. Regent St.,F8
Marshall St. Golden Square,F8
Marshall St. London Road,I10
Marsham St. Westminster,G11
Martha Street, Camberwell,J13
Martha Street, Cambridge Heath,M5
Martha St. Cornwall Street,L8
Martin’s Lane, Cannon St.,J9
Mary Street, Regent’s Park,F6
Marygold St. Rotherhithe St.,L10
Marylebone Lane, Oxford St.,E8
Marylebone St. Golden Sq.,F9
Marylebone Street, Great, Wimpole Street,E7
Marylebone Street, Upper, Portland Place,F7
Mason Street, Westminster Bridge Road,H10
Mawbey Pl. South Lambeth,G13
Mayfield Street, Dalston,K4
Meadow Row, New Kent Road,I11
Mecklenburgh Square,H7
Medway St. Horseferry Rd.,F11
Meeting House Lane, Old Gravel Lane,M9
Melcomb St. Dorset Square,D7
Meredith St. St. John St.,I6
Michael’s Grove, Brompton,D11
Michael’s Place, Brompton,C11
Middlesex Hospital,F7
Middlesex St. Somers Town,G6
Mile End Road,N7
Miles La. Up. Thames St.,J9
Miles St. South Lambeth,G12
Milford Lane, Strand,H8
Milk Street, Cheapside,J8
Millbank St. Abingdon St.,G11
Mill Lane, Deptford,O13
Mill Lane, Tooley Street,J9
Mill Pond Row, Rotherhithe,L10
Mill Street, Lambeth Walk,H11
Millman St. Guildford St.,H7
Milton Street, Dorset Square,D7
Milton Street, Fore Street,J7
Mincing La. Fenchurch St.,K9
Minerva St. Hackney Road,L6
Minerva Terrace, Brixton,H13
Minories, Aldgate,K8
Mint Street, Borough,I10
Mitcham St. Lisson Green,D7
Mitchel Street, Old Street,I7
Molyneux St. Edgeware Rd.,D8
Moneyer Street, City Road,J6
Monkwell St. Aldersgate St.,J8
Monmouth St. Surrey Sq.,J11
Montague Place, Islington,I5
Montague Pl. Montague Sq.,D7
Montague Pl. Russell Sq.,G7
Montague Square,D8
Montague St. Montague Sq.,D7
Montague St. Russell Sq.,G7
Montague Street, Upper, Montague Square,D7
Montague Street, Upper, Russell Square,G7
Montague St. Whitechapel,L8
Montpelier Sq. Brompton,D10
Moor Lane, Fore Street,J8
Moorgate St. London Wall,J8
Morning Lane, Hackney,M4
Mornington Crescent, Camden Town,F6
Mornington Road, Regent’s Park,E5
Mornington Street, Camden Town,E5
Morris Place, Harrow Road,A7
Mortimer St. Cavendish Sq.,F8
Motcomb St. Wilton Cres.,D10
Mount St. Grosvenor Sq.,E9
Mount Street, Walworth,J12
Mount Row, Westminster Bridge Road,H10
Mount Street, Whitechapel,L8
Munster Road, Fulham,A14
Murray Street, Hoxton,K6
Museum St. Bloomsbury Sq.,G8
Mutton Lane, Hackney,L5
Myrtle Street, Hoxton,K6
Napier Street, Hoxton,J6
Nassau St. Middlesex Hosp.,F7
Naval Row, Blackwall,Q9
Neckinger Rd. Bermondsey,K10
Nelson Sq. Blackfriars Rd.,I10
Nelson Street, City Road,J6
Nelson St. Snow’s Fields,J11
Neptune St. Rotherhithe,M10
New Bridge St. Hammersmith,A11
Newby Pl. High St. Poplar,P9
Newcastle Street, Strand,H8
New Church Rd. Camberw.,J13
New Church St. Paddington,C7
New Cross,N13
New Cut, Lambeth,H10
Newgate Street,I8
New Gravel Lane, Upper Shadwell,M9
Newington Causeway,I10
Newington Crescent,I11
Newington Green,J3
Newington Place, Kennington Road,H12
New Kent Road,I11
Newman St. Oxford Street,F8
Newnham St. Edgeware Rd.,C7
New North Street, Red Lion Square,G7
Newport Street, Long Acre,G8
New Palace Yard, Westminster,G10
New Road, Paddington,E7
New Street, Brompton,D10
New Street, Covent Garden,G8
New Street, Deptford,O12
New Street, Horsleydown,K10
New Street, Kennington,H12
New St. Lower Shadwell,M9
New St. Spring Gardens,G9
New St. Upper Baker St.,D7
Newton St. High Holborn,G8
Newton Street, Hoxton,K6
Nicholas Lane, Lombard St.,J8
Nicholas Street, Hoxton,J6
Nichol Street, Shoreditch,K7
Nightingale Lane, East Smithfield,L9
Nile Street, City Road,J6
Nine Elms,F12
Noble Street, Foster Lane,I8
Noble Street, Goswell St.,I7
Noble Street, Poplar,P9
Noel Street, Islington,I6
Norfolk Crescent,D8
Norfolk St. Cannon St. Rd.,L8
Norfolk Street, Islington,I5
Norfolk Street, King’s Cross,G6
Norfolk Street, Newman St.,F7
Norfolk St. New, Park Lane,D8
Norfolk Street, Strand,H8
Norland Place, Notting Hill,A9
Norland Square, Notting Hill,A9
Norland Terrace, Notting Hill,A9
Northampton Place, Canonbury,I4
Northampton Square, St. John Street Road,I6
Northampton St. Lower Rd.,I4
Northampton Street, St. John Street,I7
North Bank, Park Road,C6
North End Terrace, North End,A11
North Row, Park Street,D8
North Street, King’s Cross,G6
North Street, Poplar,P9
North Street, Red Lion Square,G7
North Street, Sloane Street,D1O
Northumberland Street, New Road,E7
Northumberland St. Strand,G9
Norton Falgate, Bishopsgate Street,K7
Norton St. Grt. Portland St.,E7
Notting Hill Grove,A9
Notting Hill Square,A9
Nottingham Place, New Rd.,E7
Nottingham Street, High Street, Marylebone,E7
Oakley Street, Lambeth,H10
Oat Lane, Wood Street, Cheapside,I8
Old Bailey,I8
Old Bond Street,F9
Old Change, Cheapside,I8
Old Ford Road,O5
Old Gravel Lane, Ratcliff Highway,M9
Old Jewry, Poultry,J8
Old Palace Yard, Parliament Street,G10
Old Pye St. Stretton Ground,F10
Old Street,I7
Old Street Road,J7
Orange St. Leicester Square,G9
Orange St. Red Lion Sq.,G7
Orange Street, Union St.,I10
Orchard St. Westminster,G10
Orchard St. Portman Sq.,E8
Ordnance Road, St. John’s Wood,C5
Ormond St. Gt. Queen Sq.,G7
Ormond St. New, Lamb’s Conduit Street,H7
Osborne St. Whitechapel,L8
Osnaburgh St. Regent’s Pk.,E7
Ossulston St. Somers Town,G6
Oxendon St. Coventry St.,F9
Oxford Sq. Edgeware Road,C8
Oxford Street,E8
Oxford St. Whitechapel Rd.,L8
Oxford Ter. Edgeware Rd.,C8
Paddington Green,C7
Paddington Street, High St.,E7
Page Street, Millbank Row,G11
Page’s Walk, Grange Road,K11
Palace New Road, Lambeth Palace,H10
Palace Street, Pimlico,F10
Pall Mall,F9
Palmer Pla. Highgate Road,H3
Pancras Lane, Bucklersbury,J8
Pancras Place, King’s Cross,G6
Pancras Street, Tottenham Court Road,F7
Panton Street, Haymarket,F9
Paradise Row, Bethnal Gr.,M6
Paradise Row, Chelsea Hos.,D12
Paradise Row, Hackney,M4
Paradise Row, Islington,I5
Paradise Row, Rotherhithe,M10
Paradise Street, Finsbury,J7
Paradise Street, Lambeth,H11
Paragon, New Kent Road,J11
Parbridge, Hammersmith,A11
Parish St. Horsleydown,K10
Park Cresc. Portland Place,E7
Park Lane, Greenwich,Q12
Park Lane, Piccadilly,E9
Park Place, Camden Town,E5
Park Place, Dorset Square,D7
Park Place, Greenwich,Q12
Park Place, Paddington,C7
Park Place, Peckham,L13
Park Place, St. James’s,F9
Park Road, Regent’s Park,D6
Park Road, Dalston,L4
Park Road, Peckham,L13
Park Road, Stockwell,H14
Park Square, Regent’s Pk.,E7
Park St. Baker St. North,D7
Park Street, Camberwell,J13
Park Street, Camden Town,E5
Park Street, Dorset Square,D7
Park Street, Greenwich,Q12
Park St. Grosvenor Square,D8
Park Street, Islington,I4
Park St. Kennington Cross,H11
Park Street, Limehouse,O9
Park St. Liverpool Road,I4
Park Street, New, Borough,I9
Park Street, Westminster,F10
Park Terrace, Up. Baker St.,D6
Park Village,E5
Park Village, East, Regent’s Park,E5
Parliament St. Camden Town,F5
Parliament St. Westminster,G10
Parr Street, Hoxton,J5
Parsons St. Ratcliff Highw.,L9
Paternoster Row, St. Paul’s,I8
Paternoster Row, Spitalflds.,K7
Patriot Row, Bethnal Green,M6
Paul’s St. Finsbury Square,J7
Peacock St. Newingt. Butts,I11
Pearl Street, Wheeler Street,K7
Peartree St. Goswell Street,I7
Peckham Grove, Camberwell,K13
Peel Street, Church Lane, Kensington,A9
Pelham Crescent, Brompton,C11
Pelham Street, Brick Lane,L7
Pell St. Ratcliff Highway,L9
Pembroke Sq. Kensington,A11
Penitentiary, Millbank,G11
Pennington Street, Ratcliff Highway,L9
Penton Place, Newington,I11
Penton Place, Pentonville,H6
Penton Row, Walworth,I12
Penton Street, Pentonville,H6
Perceval Street, St. John St.,I7
Percy St. Tottenham Ct. Rd.,F8
Petersburgh Pl. Bayswater,B9
Peter Street, Westminster,F10
Peter St. Mint. St. Borough,I10
Philip Street, Church Lane,L8
Philip Street, Hoxton,J6
Philpot La. Fenchurch St.,J8
Phœnix St. Somers Town,G6
Pickle Herring St. Tooley St.,K9
Pilgrim St. Kennington Gr.,H12
Pitfield St. Old Street Road,J6
Pitt Street, Kent Road,J11
Pitt Street, St. George’s Rd.,I11
Pleasant Row, Kennington Lane,I11
Plough Lane, Deptford,N11
Plumber Street, City Road,J6
Poland Street, Oxford Street,F8
Pomeroy Street, Peckham,M13
Poole St. New North Road,J5
Poplar Row, New Kent Rd.,I11
Porchester Street, Cambridge Square,C8
Porchester Ter. Bayswater,B8
Portland Place,E7
Portland Rd. Gt. Portland St.,E7
Portland Street, Great, Oxford Street,F8
Portland Street, Little, Oxford Street,F8
Portland Street, North End,A12
Portland Street, Walworth Common,J12
Portman Square,D8
Portman St. Portman Sq.,D8
Portpool Lane, Gray’s Inn Lane,H7
Portsea Pl. Connaught Sq.,D8
Portugal St. Lincoln’s Inn Fields,H8
Powis Pl. Gt. Ormond St.,G7
Powis Place, Pancras Vale,D4
Praed St. Edgeware Road,C8
Pratt Street, Camden Town,F5
Pratt Street, Lambeth,H11
Prebend St. Camden Town,F4
Prescot St. Goodman’s Flds.,K8
President St. Goswell St.,I6
Prices Street, Gravel Lane,I9
Primrose St. Norton Falgate,K7
Prince’s Place, Kennington Cross,H11
Prince’s Road, Kennington Cross,H11
Prince’s Road, Notting Hill,A9
Prince’s Sq. Kennington,H12
Prince’s Sq. Ratcliff Highw.,L9
Prince’s Street, Bank,J8
Prince’s St. Cavendish Sq.,E8
Prince’s St. Commercial Rd.,H9
Prince’s St. Edgeware Road,C7
Prince’s St. Hanover Square,F8
Prince’s Street, Lambeth,G11
Prince’s St. Leicester Sq.,F8
Prince’s Street, Paddington,C7
Prince’s Street, Pimlico,F10
Prince’s St. Red Lion Sq.,H7
Prince’s St. Rotherhithe St.,M10
Prince’s St. Stamford Street,H9
Prince’s St. Westminster,G10
Prince’s St. Whitechapel Rd.,L8
Priory Rd. South Lambeth,G13
Prospect Place, Harrow Rd.,A7
Prospect Pl. South Lambeth,G13
Prospect Row, Walworth,I11
Providence Row, Finsbury Square,J7
Providence St. Walworth,J12
Provost Street, City Road,J6
Pudding La. Lower Thames Street,J9
Pulteney St. Golden Square,F8
Pulteney Street, Islington,H5
Punderson St. Bethnal Green Road,M6
Putney Bridge,A14
Pye St. Old, Westminster,F10
Quadrant, Regent Street,F9
Quaker Street, Brick Lane,K7
Quebec St. Camden Town,F5
Quebec St. Dorset Square,D7
Quebec St. Portman Square,D8
Queen Ann St. Welbeck St.,E8
Queen Elizabeth Row, Greenwich,P13
Queen Square, Bloomsbury,G7
Queen Street, Brompton,D10
Queen Street, Cheapside,J8
Queen St. Edgeware Road,D8
Queen St. Golden Square,F9
Queen Street, Great, Lincoln’s Inn Fields,G8
Queen Street, Greenwich,Q12
Queen Street, Hammersmith,A12
Queen Street, Hoxton,J6
Queen Street, Islington,J5
Queen Street, May Fair,E9
Queen Street, Ratcliff Cross,N9
Queen Street, Rotherhithe,M10
Queen Street, Seven Dials,G8
Queen Street, Soho,F8
Queen Street, Walworth,J11
Queen Street, Westminster,F10
Queenhithe, Up. Thames St.,I9
Queen’s Buildings, Brompton,D10
Queen’s Road, Bayswater,B8
Queen’s Road, Dalston,L5
Queen’s Road, Kensington,A9
Queen’s Road, Notting Hill,A9
Queen’s Row, Kennington Road,H12
Queen’s Sq. Westminster,F10
Radnor Pl. Gloucester Sq.,C8
Radnor St. Bath St. Old St.,J6
Rahere Street, Goswell St.,I6
Randolph St. Camden Town,F4
Ranelagh Grove, Chelsea Hospital,E11
Ranelagh Row, Chelsea Hospital,E11
Ranelagh Street,F12
Ranelagh St. Lower Grosvenor Place,E10
Ratcliff Highway,L9
Ratcliff Sq. Commercial Rd.,N8
Rathbone Place, Oxford St.,F8
Rawstone Street, Brompton,D10
Rawstorne Street, Goswell Street Road,I6
Raymond’s Buildings, Gray’s Inn,H7
Ray St. Clerkenwell Green,H7
Redcross Street, Borough,J10
Redcross St. Cripplegate,J7
Redcross St. Union Street,J10
Red Lion Square, Holborn,G7
Red Lion St. Clerkenwell,I7
Redman’s Row, Stepney Gr.,M7
Regent Square, Gray’s Inn Road,G6
Regent Street,F9
Regent Street, City Road,J6
Regent Street, Chelsea,F11
Regent Street, Lambeth,H11
Regent St. Mile End Road,O7
Regent St. Westminster,F11
Rempstone Place, New North Road,J6
Rephidim St. Long Lane,J10
Richardson St. Bermondsey,J10
Richard St. Commercial Rd.,L8
Richard Street, Islington,H5
Richard Street, Stepney,N8
Richmond Place, East St. Walworth,J11
Richmond St. Edgeware Rd.,C7
Richmond Street, Old St.,J7
Richmond Terrace, Parliament Street,G10
Riding House Lane, Great Portland Street,F8
River Lane, Islington,I5
River Terrace, City Road,I6
Roans Street, Greenwich,P13
Robert St. Bethnal Gr. Rd.,L6
Robert Street, Bedford Row,H7
Robert St. Blackfriars Rd.,I9
Robert Street, Queen’s Elm,C11
Robert St. Hampstead Rd.,F6
Robin Hood La. Blackwall,Q9
Robinson’s Lane, Cheyne Walk,D12
Rochester Row, Vincent Sq.,F11
Rochester St. Vincent Sq.,F11
Rodney Buildings, New Kent Road,J11
Rodney Row, New Kent Road,J11
Rodney Street, Pentonville,H6
Romney Road, Greenwich,Q12
Rood Lane, Fenchurch St.,J8
Rosamond Street, Wilmington Square,H6
Rosemary Branch, Peckham,L13
Rosemary Lane, Minories,K9
Rose Street, Soho Square,F8
Rotherfield Street, Islington,I5
Rotherhithe St. Rotherhithe,M10
Rotherhithe Wall, Rotherh.,L10
Royal Crescent, Notting Hill,A9
Royal Exchange, Cornhill,J8
Royal Hill, Greenwich,Q13
Rumball St. Camberwell,J13
Rupert Street, Coventry St.,F8
Rupert Street, Goodman’s Fields,L8
Russell Square,G7
Russell Street, Bermondsey,K10
Russell Street, Bloomsbury,G8
Russell Street, Brixton,H13
Russell St. Covent Garden,G8
Rutland Gate,C10
Rutland St. Cannon St. Rd.,L8
Rutland St. Hampstead Rd.,F6
Sackville Street, Piccadilly,F9
St. Alban’s St. Walcot Place,H11
St. Andrew’s Hill, Doctors’ Commons,I8
St. Andrew’s Pl. Reg. Park,E7
St. Andrew’s Road, New Kent Road,I11
St. Ann’s Place, Limehouse,O9
St. George’s Rd. Lambeth,I11
St. George’s Terrace, Uxbridge Road,D8
St. Helen’s Place, Bishopsgate Street,K8
St. James’s Palace,F10
St. James’s Park,F10
St. James’s Pl. St. James’s Street,F9
St. James’s Square,F9
St. James’s St. Piccadilly,F9
St. John’s La. St. John’s St.,I7
St. John’s Pl. Hammersmith,A11
St. John’s Square,I7
St. John’s Street,I7
St. John’s St. Brick Lane,L7
St. John’s Street Road,I6
St. John’s Wood Road,C6
St. John’s Wood Terrace,C5
St. Katherine’s College, Regent’s Park,E6
St. Luke’s Hospital,J7
St. Martin’s Lane, Charing Cross,G9
St. Martin’s le Grand, Newgate Street,I8
St. Mary Axe, Leadenhall St.,K8
St. Paul’s Churchyard,I8
St. Paul’s Ter. St. Paul’s Road,J4
St. Swithin’s Lane, Lombard Street,J8
St. Thomas Apostle, Queen Street,J8
St. Thomas St. Borough,J9
Salisbury Cres. Lock’s Flds.,J12
Salisbury Row, Lock’s Flds.,J12
Salisbury Square, Fleet St.,I8
Salisbury Street, Fleet St.,I8
Salisbury St. Paddington,C7
Salisbury St. Rotherhithe,L10
Salisbury Street, Strand,G9
Sandwich St. Burton Cresc.,G6
Samuel St. Cannon St. Rd.,L8
Samuel Street, Stepney,N8
Saville Row, Mile End,N7
Saville Row, Walworth,I11
Saville Street, Foley Street,F7
Saville Street, Regent St.,F9
School House Lane, Ratcliff,L9
Sclater Street, Spitalfields,K7
Scotland Yard, Whitehall,G9
Sebright Street, Bethnal Green Road,L7
Seething Lane, Tower Hill,K9
Sekford St. St. John St. Rd.,I6
Serle Street, Lincoln’s Inn Fields,H8
Seven Dials,G8
Seward St. Goswell Street,I7
Seymour Pl. Bryanstone Sq.,D8
Seymour St. Portman Square,D8
Seymour St. Somers Town,F6
Seymour St. Upper, Portman Square,D8
Shad Thames, Dockhead,K10
Shadwell, High Street,M9
Shadwell Market, Shadwell,M9
Shaftesbury Street, Islington,J6
Shakespeare Walk, Shadwell,M9
Shepperton Street, Islington,J5
Sherborne St. Blandford Sq.,D7
Sherrard St. Golden Square,F9
Shoe Lane, Fleet Street,I8
Shouldham St. Crawfurd St.,D8
Shuter’s Terrace, North End,A11
Sidmouth Street, Gray’s Inn Road,G6
Sidney Sq. Commercial Rd.,M8
Sidney Street, City Road,I6
Sidney St. Clarendon Sq.,F6
Sidney St. Commercial Rd.,M8
Silver Street, Globe Lane,M7
Silver St. Golden Square,F8
Silver St. Stepney Green,M8
Silver Street, Wood Street,J8
Size Lane, Queen Street,J8
Skinner Street, Bishopsgate,K7
Skinner’s St. St. John St.,I7
Skinner Street, Snow Hill,I8
Skinner St. Somers Town,G6
Sloane Square, Chelsea,D11
Sloane St. Knightsbridge,D10
Smithfield, East, Tower Hill,K9
Smithfield, West,I8
Smith Street, Chelsea,D12
Smith Street, Kennington Common,I12
Smith Street, Northampton Square,I6
Smith Street, Westminster,G10
Snow’s Fields, Borough,J10
Snow Hill, Skinner Street,J8
Soho Square,F8
Somerset House, Strand,H9
Somerset St. Portman Sq.,E8
Somerset Street, High Street, Whitechapel,K8
Somerset Terrace, Bayswater,A9
Somers Pl. Gloucester Sq.,C8
Somers St. Gloucester Sq.,C8
South Bank, Regent’s Park,C6
South Conduit St. Bethnal Green Road,L6
South Lambeth Road,G13
South Molton St. Oxford St.,E8
South Place, Moorfields,J7
South St. High St. Maryleb.,E8
South St. Manchester Sq.,E8
South St. New North Road,J5
South Street, Park Lane,E9
South St. Sloane Square,D11
Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane,H8
Southampton Row, Edgeware Road,D7
Southampton Row, Russell Square,G7
Southampton Street, Bloomsbury Square,G8
Southampton St. Camberw.,J13
Southampton St. Pentonville,H6
Southampton Street, Strand,G9
Southwark Bridge,J9
Southwark Bridge Road,I10
Southwark Sq. Southwark,J9
Southwick Crescent,C8
Southwick St. Cambridge Sq.,C8
Spencer St. Commercial Rd.,M8
Spencer St. Northampton Sq.,I6
Spicer Street, Brick Lane,L7
Spital Square,K7
Spital St. Norton Falgate,K7
Spitalfields Market,K7
Spittle Street, Brick Lane,K7
Spring Gardens, Charing Cross,G9
Spring La. South Lambeth,G13
Spring Pl. Kentish Town,E3
Spring St. Manchester Sq.,D7
Spring Vale, Brook Green,A11
Stacey St. Commercial Rd.,M8
Stafford Row, Buckingham Gate,F10
Stafford St. Lisson Green,D7
Stamford St. Blackfriars Rd.,H9
Stangate, Westminst. Bridge,H10
Stanhope Pl. Connaught Sq.,D8
Stanhope St. Clare Market,H8
Stanhope St. Hampstead Rd.,F6
Stanhope Street, May Fair,E9
Stanhope St. Sussex Square,C8
Stanhope Ter. Bayswater,C8
Stanley Street, Hoxton,K6
Staple’s Inn, Holborn,H8
Star Corner, Bermondsey St.,K10
Star Street, Paddington,C8
Stephen Street, Tottenham Court Road,F8
Stepney Green, Mile End,M7
Stonecutter St. Farringdon Street,I8
Stoney Lane, Tooley Street,K9
Stoney Street, Clink Street,J9
Store St. Bedford Square,F7
Storey St. Commercial Rd.,L8
Stratford Place, Oxford St.,E8
Stratton Street, Piccadilly,E9
Sudeley Street, Islington,I5
Suffolk Street, Borough,I10
Suffolk St. Charing Cross,G9
Sun Street, Bishopsgate St.,K7
Sun Street, North End,A12
Surrey Row, Blackfriars Rd.,I10
Surrey Square, Kent Road,K11
Surrey Street, Strand,H8
Surrey Zoological Gardens, Walworth,I12
Susannah Street, Poplar,P8
Sussex Gardens,C8
Sussex Place,C8
Sussex Pl. Old Kent Road,L12
Sussex Pl. Regent’s Park,D6
Sussex Square,C8
Sutton St. Commercial Rd.,M8
Sutton Street, Goswell St.,I7
Sutton Street, Soho,F8
Swallow Street, Piccadilly,F9
Swan St. Great Dover St.,J10
Swan Street, Kent Road,K11
Swan Street, Minories,K8
Swan Street, Rotherhithe,M10
Swinton St. Gray’s Inn Rd.,H6
Sylvan Grove, Old Kent Rd.,M13
Symon’s Street, Sloane Sq.,D11
Tabernacle Row, Old St. Rd.,J7
Taunton Place, Park Road,D7
Tavistock Pl. Tavistock Sq.,G7
Tavistock Square,G7
Tavistock St. Bedford Sq.,G8
Tavistock St. Covent Gard.,G8
Taviton Street,G6
Temple, The, Fleet Street,H8
Temple St. Hackney Road,L6
Temple St. St. George’s Rd.,I11
Terling St. Commercial Rd.,M8
Thames Street, Greenwich,P12
Thames Street, Lower, London Bridge,J9
Thames Street, Upper, London Bridge,J9
Thames Tunnel, Wapping,M9
Thanet St. Burton Crescent,G6
Thayer St. Manchester Sq.,E8
Theberton St. Islington,I5
Theobald’s Road, Red Lion Square,G7
Theobald St. N. Kent Rd.,J11
The Slade,A3
Thomas St. Bethnal Green,L7
Thomas Street, Cable Street,L8
Thomas Street, Ducking Pond Row,L7
Thomas St. Horsleydown,K10
Thomas St. Kenningt. Com.,I12
Thomas St. New Kent Rd.,I11
Thornhill Road, Islington,H4
Thornhill St. Pentonville,H5
Thornton St. Horsleydown,K10
Threadneedle St. Cornhill,J8
Three Colt St. Limehouse,O9
Throgmorton Street, Bank,J8
Thurloe Square, Brompton,C11
Thurloe Street, Brompton,C11
Titchborne St. Edgeware Rd.,C8
Titchborne St. Haymarket,F9
Titchfield St. Oxford Street,F8
Tiverton Row, Newington Causeway,I10
Tooley St. London Bridge,J9
Torrington Square,G7
Tothill Street, Westminster,F10
Tottenham Court Road,F7
Tottenham Road, Kingsland Road,J4
Totton Street, Stepney,N8
Tower Hamlets Cemetery, Mile End,O7
Tower Hill, The Tower,K9
Tower Street, Seven Dials,G8
Tower St. Westminster Rd.,H10
Townsend St. Kent Road,J11
Trafalgar Pl. Kentish Town,E3
Trafalgar Pl. Kingsland,K3
Trafalgar Sq. Charing Cross,G9
Trafalgar Square, Chelsea,C11
Trafalgar Square, Stepney,N7
Trafalgar Street, Walworth,J12
Trevor Sq. Knightsbridge,D10
Trinity Lane, Bread Street,J8
Trinity Square, Borough,J10
Trinity Square, Tower Hill,K9
Trinity Street, Borough,J10
Trinity St. Commercial Dks.,O10
Tryon’s Place, Hackney,M5
Tudor Street, Bridge Street,I8
Tufton Street, Westminster,G11
Turk’s Row, Chelsea Hosp.,D11
Turk Street, Bethnal Green,K6
Turner’s St. Commercial Rd.,M8
Turnmill St. Clerkenwell Green,I7
Tyer St. Vauxhall Walk,H11
Tyndale Place, Islington,I4
Tysen St. Bethnal Grn. Rd.,K7
Tysoe St. Wilmington Sq.,H6
Tyssen Place, Shacklewell,L3
Tyssen Terrace, Dalston,M3
Ulster Street, Regent’s Pk.,E7
Ulster Terrace, Regent’s Park,E7
Underwood Street, Whitechapel Road,L7
Union Row, Lambeth Terrace,H11
Union Road, Albany Rd.,K12
Union Road, Trinity Sq.,J10
Union Row, Stepney Green,M7
Union Street, Bishopsgate,K7
Union Street, Blackfriars,I8
Union Street, Borough,I9
Union Street, Lambeth,H11
Union St. Middlesex Hosp.,F7
Union Street, Somers Town,F6
Union Street, Walworth,J11
Union Street, Whitechapel,L8
Uxbridge Street, Bayswater,A9
Uxbridge Street, Newington Causeway,I10
Vale Place, Kensington,A10
Vassal Road, Brixton Causeway,H13
Vauxhall Bridge Road,F11
Vauxhall Walk,G11
Vere Street, Bond Street,E8
Vere Street, Clare Market,H8
Verulam Ter. Maida Vale,B6
Victoria Grove, Bayswater,A9
Victoria Grove, Kensington,B10
Victoria Road, Kensington,B10
Victoria Street, Pimlico,F10
Victory Street, Deptford,O14
Vigo Lane, Piccadilly,F9
Villa Street, Walworth,J12
Villiers Street, Strand,G9
Vimiera Pl. South Lambeth,G13
Vincent Sq. Westminster,F11
Vine Place, North End,A12
Vine Street, Millbank St.,G11
Vine Street, Spitalfields,K7
Virginia St. Crabtree Row,K6
Walbrook, Cannon Street,J8
Walbrook Street, Hoxton,J6
Walcot PL Lambeth Rd.,H11
Walcot Square, Lambeth,H11
Walnut-tree Walk, Walcot Place,H11
Walworth Common, Walw.,J12
Wapping Wall, New Gravel Lane,M9
Wardour Street, Oxford St.,F8
Warner St. Coldbath Fields,H7
Warren Street, Fitzroy Sq.,F7
Warwick Lane, Newgate St.,I8
Warwick St. Golden Square,F8
Water Lane,H8
Water Lane, Earl Street, Blackfriars,I8
Water Lane, Fleet Street,I8
Water Lane, Lower Thames Street,K9
Water Street, Blackfriars,I8
Waterloo Bridge,H9
Waterloo Place, Pall Mall,F9
Waterloo St. Camberw. Rd.,J13
Waterloo St, Hammersmith,A11
Watling Street, St. Paul’s Churchyard,I8
Watney St. Commercial Rd.,M8
Webb St. Bermondsey St.,J10
Webber St. Westminster Rd.,H10
Welbeck St. Cavendish Sq.,E8
Wellclose Square, Ratcliff Highway,L
Wellesley St. King’s Road,C12
Wellington Place, Hackney Road,L6
Wellington Place, South Lambeth,G13
Wellington Place, Stepney,N8
Wellington Road, St. John’s Wood,C5
Wellington Street, Blackfriars Road,I10
Wellington St. Camberwell,J13
Wellington St. Camden Twn.,E4
Wellington Street, Goswell Street,I6
Wellington Street, Newington Causeway,I10
Wellington Street, Strand,G8
Well Street, Brick Lane,K7
Well Street, Hackney,M5
Wells St. East India Docks,Q9
Wells St. Gray’s Inn Road,H7
Wells Street, Oxford Street,F8
Wenlock Street, Hoxton,J6
Wentworth Street,K8
Westbourne Pl. Sloane Sq.,D11
Westbourne St. Bayswater,B8
Westbourne St. Sloane Sq.,D11
Westbourne Ter. Bayswater,B8
Westminster Abbey,G10
Westminster Road, Borough Road,H10
Westmoreland Pl. City Rd.,J6
Westmoreland St. Welbeck Street,E7
Weston Place, King’s Cross,G6
West Smithfield,I7
West Sq. St. George’s Rd.,I11
West Street, Seven Dials,G8
West Street, Somers Town,G6
West St. West Smithfield,I7
Weymouth St. New Kent Road,I11
Weymouth St. Portland Pl.,E7
Weymouth Ter. Hackney Rd.,K6
Wheeler St. Norton Falgate,K7
Whiskin St. St. John’s Rd.,I6
Whitcomb St. Leicester Sq.,F9
Whitecross St. Borough,I10
Whitecross St. Fore Street,J7
Whitehall Place, Whitehall,G9
Whitehead’s Grove, Marlborough Road,D11
Whitehorse Street, Stepney,N8
White Horse St. Piccadilly,E9
White Lion St. Chelsea Hos.,D11
White Lion St. Norton Falg.,K7
White Lion St. Pentonville,H6
White Lion St. Rosemary Lane,L9
White Street, Borough,J10
Whitmore Row, Hoxton,K5
Whittlebury Street, Somers Town,F6
Widegate St. Bishopsgate Street,K8
Wigmore St. Cavendish Sq.,E8
Wild Street, Drury Lane,G8
Wilderness Row, Chelsea,E11
Wilderness Row, Goswell Street,I7
William Street, Bethnal Green Road,L6
William Street, Blackfriars,I9
William St. Blackfriars Rd.,I9
William St. Hampstead Rd.,F6
William Street, Kennington Common,H12
William Street, Newington Causeway,I11
William St. Portland Town,C6
William Street, Shoreditch,K7
Wilmington Sq. Spa Fields,H6
Willow Street, Bankside,I9
Willow St. Vincent Square,F11
Willow Walk, Blue Anchor Road,L11
Willow Walk, Curtain Road,K7
Willesden House,A4
Wilmot Street, Bethnal Green Road,L7
Wilmot St. Brunswick Sq.,G7
Wilson Street, Finsbury,J7
Wilson St. Gray’s Inn La.,H7
Wilstead St. Somers Town,G6
Wilton Cres. Belgrave Sq.,D10
Wilton Place, Wilton Cres.,D10
Wilton St. Grosvenor Pl.,E10
Wimpole Street, Cavendish Square,E7
Wimbourne St. New North Road,J6
Winchester St. Borough,J9
Winchester St. Broad St.,J8
Winchester St. Pentonville,H6
Windmill Lane, Camberwell Road,I13
Windmill St. Finsbury Sq.,J7
Windmill St. Gt. Haymarket,F9
Windmill Street, Little, Haymarket,F8
Windmill Street, Tottenham Court Road,F7
Windsor Street, Islington,I5
Winslow St. Oxford Street,F8
Woburn Place, Russell Sq.,G7
Woburn PL Upper, Tavistock Square,G6
Wolverley Pl. Hackney Rd.,L6
Woodland St. Kingsland,K4
Wood Place, Shepherd’s Bush,A9
Wood Street, Cheapside,J8
Wood St. Millbank, Westm.,G10
Wood Street, Spitalfields,K7
Wood St. Vauxhall Walk,H11
Woodstock St. Oxford St.,E8
Woolmore St. High Street, Poplar,Q9
Wooton Street, New Cut,H9
Worcester Street, Borough,J9
Wormwood Street, Bishopsgate Street,K8
Woronzo Road, St. John’s Wood,C5
Worship St. Finsbury Sq.,J7
Wych Street, Drury Lane,H8
Wynyatt Street, Northampton Square,I6
Wyndham Place, Bryanstone Square,D7
Wyndham Road, Camberwell Road,I13
Yardley St. Wilmington Sq.,H6
Yeoman’s Row, Brompton,D10
York Gate, Regent’s Park,E7
York Place, Baker Street,D7
York Place, City Road,I6
York Place, Kennington Common,H12
York Place, Lambeth,H10
York Place, Queen’s Elm,C11
York Row, Kennington Rd.,I11
York Rd. Westm. Bridge,H10
York St. Blackfriars Road,I9
York St. Borough High St.,J9
York St. Commercial Road,L8
York Street, Covent Garden,G8
York Street, Kingsland Rd.,K5
York Street, Nine Elms,F13
York Street, Pentonville,H6
York Street, St. James’s,F9
York Street, Upper, Gloucester Place,D7
York Street, Westminster,F10
York Street, White Horse Street,M7
York Street, York Place,D7
York Terrace, Regent’s Park,E7


A, B, C, F, G, H, I, K, L, M, N, O, P, R, S, T, V, W.

Adam Street West, Upper Berkeley Street,D8
Aldersgate Street,I7
Astley’s Amphitheatre,H10
Bank, Threadneedle Street,J8
Bayswater, Black Lion,A9
Berkeley Sq. Davies Street,E9
Bishopsgate St. Union St.,K7
Blackfriars, Bridge Street,I8
Blackfriars Road,I9
Blackwall Railway, Fenchurch Street,K8
Bloomsbury, Broad Street,G8
Bloomsbury, Bury Place,G8
Bloomsbury, Southampton Row,G7
Boston Street, Regent’s Pk.,D7
Brixton, Stockwell Place,H14
Brompton, Pelham Cresc.,C11
Cadogan Place, Pont Street,D10
Camberwell Green,J14
Camden Town, High Street,F5
Charing Cross,G9
Chelsea College,D12
Clerkenwell, Cobham Row,H7
Clerkenwell Green,I7
Compton St. Brunswick Sq.,G7
Conduit Street, Regent St.,F8
Cremorne Gardens,B13
Fenchurch St. Cullum St.,K8
Foley Street, Titchfield St.,F7
Foundling Hospital,G7
Gray’s Inn Lane, King’s Cross,G6
Goodge Street, Charlotte St.,F7
Harrow Road,C7
Holborn, Chancery Lane,H8
Holborn, Hatton Garden,H8
Holborn, Red Lion Street,H8
Holloway Road, Steyman’s Row,H3
Islington, Goswell Street Road,I6
Islington, Richmond Road,H5
Islington Green,I5
Islington, Rotherfield Street,J4
Kennington Cross,H12
Kennington, The Horns,H12
Kent Road, Bricklayers Arms,J11
King’s Cross, Gray’s Inn Lane,G6
Kingsland Road,K6
Knightsbridge, End of Sloane Street,D10
Lambeth, Palace New Rd.,H10
Lambeth, Mount Street,H10
Lambeth, The Three Stags,H11
Leadenhall Street, India House,K8
Leicester Square,G9
London Bridge, Steam Packet Wharf,J9
Marylebone St. Welbeck Street,E7
Mile End Turnpike, Cambridge Road,M7
Moorgate Street,J8
New Road, Wilstead Street,G6
Newington Butts, Elephant and Castle,I11
Old Bailey,I8
Old Street, City Road,J7
Oxford Street, Berners St.,F8
Oxford St. Woodstock St.,E8
Oxford St. Cavendish St.,E8
Oxford Street, Marble Arch,D8
Paddington Street, York Mews,E7
Palace Yard, Westminster Hall,G10
Park Lane, Grosvenor Gate,D9
Pentonville, Penton Street,H6
Piccadilly, Berkeley Street,E9
Piccadilly, Albany,F9
Piccadilly, Haymarket,F9
Piccadilly, Apsley House, Hyde Park Corner,E10
Pimlico, Buckingham Gate,F10
Pimlico, Vauxhall Bridge Road,E11
Pimlico, Grosvenor Street West, Grosvenor Place,E10
Portland Road, Carburton Street,E7
Portland Road, New Road,E7
Praed Street, Edgeware Rd.,C8
Ratcliff Highway, Old Gravel Lane,M9
Regent’s Park, Cumberland Market,E6
Regent’s Park, York and Albany,E5
Sloane Square,D11
Soho, St. Ann’s Church, Macclesfield Street,F8
St. James’s St. Pall Mall,F9
St. John’s St. The Fleece,I7
St. John’s Wood, St. John’s Chapel, Park Road,C6
St. John’s Wood, Grove Road, North Street,C7
St. Katherine’s Steam Packet Wharf,K9
St. Paul’s Church Yard, Ludgate Street,I8
Shoreditch Church,K6
Smithfield, End of St. John’s Street,I7
Strand, Agar Street,G9
Strand, Wellington Street,G9
Temple Bar,H8
Tottenham Court Road, Percy Street,F8
Tottenham Court Road, Francis Street,F7
Tottenham Court Road, Warren Street,F7
Tower Gate,K9
Vauxhall Gardens,G12
Whitehall, Horse Guards,G9


Blackwall, Fenchurch St.,K8
Brighton, London Bridge,J9
Eastern Counties, Shoreditch,K7
Gravesend and Rochester, London Bridge,J9
Gt. Northern, King’s Cross,G6
Great Western, Paddington,C8
Greenwich, London Bridge,J9
North Western, Euston Sq.,F6
Richmond, Waterloo Rd.,H10
S. Eastern, London Bridge,J9
S. Western, Waterloo Road,H10
Windsor, Waterloo Road,H10
Do. Great Western, Paddington,C8



For every mile or part of a mile, 6d.

But if discharged beyond four miles from Charing Cross, for every mile and part of a mile beyond such distance, 1s.

If stopped by the hirer, for every fifteen minutes, 6d. extra.

For each person above two, the whole distance, 6d.

Two children under ten years of age to count as one person.


For one hour or part of an hour, 2s.

For every fifteen minutes or less beyond one hour, 6d.

If the Driver is required to drive more than four miles an hour, for every mile or beyond four miles, 6d.


For every package that cannot be put in the carriage, when more than two persons ride inside, 2d.


When hired by distance, the driver is not compelled to drive at a rate of more than six miles per hour, and when hired by time at more than four.