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Title: Truth and the Myth: Couplet Quips

Author: A. R. Narayanan

Release date: January 1, 2002 [eBook #3009]
Most recently updated: January 8, 2021

Language: English


The Project Gutenberg Etext of Truth and the Myth, by A.R. Narayanan
(C) Copyright 2000 by A.R. Narayanan

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Title: Truth and the Myth (C) 2000 by A.R. Narayanan

Author: A.R. Narayanan

Release Date: January, 2002 [Etext #3009C]

Edition: 10

Language: English

The Project Gutenberg Etext of Truth and the Myth by A.R. Narayanan
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(C) Copyright 2000 by A.R. Narayanan

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Truth and the Myth, by A.R. Narayanan
(C) Copyright 2000 by A.R. Narayanan

**This is a COPYRIGHTED Project Gutenberg Etext, Details Above**

This is neither prose nor verse, nor a testament, nor tenet, nor quotable quotes.

Quipping couplets flag off a train of thoughts, certain are abstract philosophy; yet few are derisive of social evils, coated with sarcasm.

Traversing through the quips, you will find you at both ends, alternatively, the archer and the target!

You are not alone, you will find me beside at whichever end you are tossed to!

You and me are not the sole souls in its ambit. it encompasses every citizen of the world!!

We mock many truths as myths and try to realise myths as truth mixing both mercilessly, making it very difficult for others to discern between:


And the




26/480, 'Shreyas', Chakkalamuttu Road,
North Fort, Tripunithura,
Cochin 682 301. INDIA

I dedicate this book to that entity who has granted me all mental and physical faculties and keeps me in the world whom I could not meet yet, in spite of my constant search.


By Dr. D Anjaneyulu, M.A., B.L., D.Litt.
Author and Journalist, Ex. President: Madras Press Club
Member: Authors Guild of India.

When Mr. A.R. Narayanan rang me up to ask me for a foreword to his book of verse, I did not know what I was in for. Because I had not met him before, nor had I read any of his written work. But I was instantly impressed by the simplicity and sincerity, earnestness and anxiety in his voice, and I readily agreed.

At the outset, I must say that I was attracted by the title of the work "Truth and the Myth couplets Quips". 'Couplet' reminded me of the heroic couplets of Alexander Pope (Dunciad and the rest) and those of John Dryden (Mac Flecknoe and so on). 'Quips were reminiscent of the witticisms of Bernard Shaw, the epigrams of Oscar Wilde and the paradoxes of G.K. Chesterton. A combination of the two should be quite spicy, I imagined. Nor was I disappointed. For, I found them undoubtedly spicy and readable. The couplets in this booklet cover a wide range of subjects of general interest of God and Man, of life and death, of truth and lies, of profession and practice, of politics and profit making and many other things. The concept of truth and myth seemed to remain upper most in the mind of the author, as when he says:

"In the beginning was the word;…….. word was
Now word of truth has become old-fashioned myth"

He is refreshingly frank in the expression of his views, be they traditional or modern or a happy blend of both. This, for instance, of God and Man:

"Who created man is unsolved mystery
But creation of God is mans mastery"

"If everywhere the God fill
Where, on earth, do devils dwell?"

The author has no patience with man's capacity to deceive himself and others, and man's flair for hypocrisy. And rightly so too, as we are all sure to agree:

"Say one thing and do something else
Is the first step towards success".

"Man is prisoner of his own mind;
None else can bail him out of the bond

Sometimes, he is philosophical and unconventional, as in the couplet:

"If our God is present everywhere,
Should one go to temple for prayer?"

"Why need middlemen
Between God and man?"

At other times, he is satirical, with elements of irony and sarcasm. But he is always effective, because he is in right earnest.

This might be his first attempt at poetic composition, but there is maturity of thought and depth of feeling, which come from his variety of experience in life. I wish more power to his elbow; and hope that this collection, or may be selection, of couplets, will have a wide circle of readers. The quips are thought provoking, without being too harsh or hurting.

Dr. D. Anjaneyulu

Madras, 22nd May 1995


Look around us, people are busily engaged in many things; serious, silly or sincere; inducing a spurt of smile or laughter; of fun, scorn or sympathy; on our lips. You and me are no exception. We too contribute to others fancy.

"Of God's creations, only man can laugh
For, to be laughed at, he does lot enough"

Laughing at others, we should also be bold to direct the very scorn at ourselves. But many of us simply won't or refuse to in the belief that each one of us is an exception. Laughter is a good medicine and, coming out of the hermit shell, we should learn to laugh at all laughable actions of the self and others. Man is sincere to and concerned only about himself. In his frenzy to own all the comforts and happiness of the world, he forgets his roots, tradition, nobility, culture and obligations towards the society, rendering his every action a ludicrous one.

"Man invented money for trading;
 But, on man, money is now treading"

Money has become everything to man and he is today and addict to it. His prayers, religious rites and marital, paternal, filial and fraternal relationships are guided by the quantum of money inflow. Here, in this era, man would do anything for handful of money because money is power.

Man derives all pleasures, respect, opportunities, and even a ticket to contest elections as candidate of a popular political party, get through it and reach positions on the top rung of political ladder by mere might of money. When the moneyed scoop all the fortunes on earth, the poor can only gaze agape at them, with a sigh.

The moneyed may be able to buy everything on earth, but not love. To exploit and live under his opulence, even distant relations and kith around him will pretend to love him. He will live in a fool's paradise believing that all of them really care for him, until the day his last pie is drained off and the love, sincerity and the loyalty of this so-called kith and kin are put to the acid test.

Even after knowing the occult deceptive function of it, man stakes his life in the grand race for money. Blinded by the spell of its tinkle, money becomes everything for him. He plunges into all sorts of malpractice to earn money and to create a comfortable cushion of savings.

No man is an exception to it. However, the most culpable are the public servants that have turned the public offices into private profit centres. Their pray are the poorest of the poor and those who are in distress.

Religious consciousness and respect for human values are overtly exhibited and upheld by him and he goes though all the rites and customs, in the guise of a man committed to social well being, camouflaging the evil intentions that lie deep beneath his heart. The places of worships, priests, charitable institutions and social organisations get profuse patronage from such people who literally steal the show wielding money. The poor are trampled to earth by the moneyed in their endeavour to grow tall, tall and taller, piercing the sky.

As the obeisance for money grew, the religious devotion became a mere ritualistic showpiece without any priming or pricking of conscience. Not only the religious rites, but also man's every interaction with his family, relatives and the society, in general, have become a real deplorable mockery. The sacred profession people select are also being desecrated by taking short cuts to riches at the cost of quality.

Religious fanaticism is another epidemic that has, of late, invaded the mankind. The intolerance of alien faith assumed devastating proportions and threatens the very existence of social, national and international amity. While none of the staunch fanatics have met God and ascertained his identity, they do not realise, all their frenzies to safeguard and sanctify the name they attribute to the God are all ill disposed. The masses follow the religious leaders blindly reminding the innocent children that walked into the back of beyond trailing the Pied Piper under the spell of his magical music.

God and the religions are creations of man for the betterment of mankind. Trifling all tenets and codes of moral conduct of their religion, the fanatics violently impose their ideology on the followers of alien faith and get easily infuriated on expression of slightest dissention of criticism.

Where will this tendency take us? I am afraid, back to savagery. I dart my thoughts towards all social evils, sprouted from the lust of money, egoism, and religious fanaticism, in the form of couplet quips, philosophy instilled and sarcasm anointed.

Many of these couplets are impregnated with occult and thought-provoking concepts and the reader may have to think and think over, even traverse through religious scriptures to enjoy the real kick of it.

I do not know how far I have succeeded in making an impact on the conscience of society and in summoning one and all to throw down their gloves against this social menace.

You are the judge. I welcome your bouquets and brickbats alike and, whichever it may be, I love to treasure it within the inner lobe of my heart, wrapped in velvet, forever.

A.R. Narayanan

OUM Namo Narayanaya! Chanting hymn octave
Narayanan offers at Thy feet, his couplets stave.


If temple idols suddenly start speaking,
All the devotees, from sanctum, start sneaking!

The god who is all pervading
For fear of human, now hiding!

The god Almighty is cemented* To altar, by him He created! (* In Hindu temples, the idols are fixed on the altar by 'Ashta bandham', i.e. eight knots, a rite of cementing and consecration using gum made of eight ingredients consisting of lacs and seeds)

Who created man is unsolved mystery
But, creation of god is man's mastery!

Who is, how is and what name is the God?
Man gives various answers as per his mood!

If everywhere the god fill,
Where, on earth, do devils dwell?

Prayers are like letters sent by post
Some may reach, some in transit, get lost.

Why count thy incantations by rosaries,
To be accounted in Lord's inventories?

So good, you're praying for hitting jackpot,
But, buy a ticket at the racing spot!

The timid bashful lotus, the mud born, Reached the palm of the Lord*, by devotion. (* Hindu God Vishnu, the second among the Trinity, is depicted as holding a full bloom lotus on his right palm.)

Formless god is difficult to conceive
Formation of the formless is defective.

God, like spice to the soup,
Adds flavour to life's scope.

For all our deeds, let Him be patron;
For he shall, all our mistakes, pardon.

Partha* prayed unto the Lord to be his charioteer;
Whom do you opt to drive yours thro' the future?
(* Another name for Arjuna, the warrior hero of Hindu
scripture, Mahabharata)

Rituals are based on solid truth;
The faithless find it all mere stealth.

"Man proposes but God disposes", an adage;
If proposal be divine, even God will budge.

All the bank balance you have piled up
Can't tilt His balance when you are called up.

Only at the hour of calamity
We all seek helping hand of Almighty!

Lord who taught us not to expect fruit of action*
Hath never sought reward for prayers he'd sanction
(* Lord Krishna in Bhagvat Gita)

God is not one we should visit;
Make Him descend into our midst.

When one has to wage a Mahabharatha war
Certainly need a "Krishna" to prop him from rear.

The religions amidst us were not founded
By Krishna, Jesus, Buddha or Muhammad.

Unmanifest will manifest
When atheist becomes theist.

You shall thank God for being generous
In giving you that he's denied others.

God used to come in the guise of man;
Now the man comes in the guise of God.

If "child is the father of man",
Man is the father of God.

Drop the 'I' from "O I'm", "O me", "O my" and "O mine" Remaining is Om,* chanting which makes one's life divine. (* The monosyllable hymn of Hindus called "Pranava Manthra" believed to be the source of the entire cosmos, chanting of which is believed to produce psychosomatic changes in the body)

If our god is present everywhere,
Should one go to temple for prayer?

God is in you and you are in God
But you are you, you cannot be God.

One step you pace forward on the road to God,
You will be few steps nearer to his abode.

Sacraments are not made for God to eat.
In it, man gives himself his choicest treat.

Radha* still awaits, on the banks of Yamuna, That determined not to return cupid Krishna. (* Radha, was the consort of Sri Krishna until adolescence in Brindanvan. When he left for Mathura for good, He promised to rejoin her soon but he never did. She awaits him since the moment He left her. The expectation of sweet re-union keeps her alive and her fondness for Krishna remains fresh in her bosom. So does a devotee.)


Of God's creations, only man can laugh,
For, to be laughed at, he does a lot enough!

The dawn marks the reign of Sun on earth;
The dust marks the reign of sons of earth.

Only blind love can make us see
God who gave us two eyes to see.

Man is willing to do anything
For the sake of couple of Farthing!

Lady of the house is Lakshmy*, And man of the house is dummy. (* Lakshmy is the Hindu Goddess of prosperity. In India, chaste housewife who is at the realm of household stands sentinel of the moral codes of conduct and, by it, causes the heavens to shower prosperity on the entire family. She is equated to Lakshmy.)

You can buy and own all that is on earth,
But will you enjoy it after your death?

Live, and, while living, earn only for living;
For, you can't carry the surplus while leaving!

From earth, plants produce things useful numerous;
Man only consumes quantity enormous!

The most uncommon is common sense;
And most inhuman is the human.

Man is said to be a social animal
Since, in him, beastly qualities still prevail

Man invented money for trading,
But, on man, money is now treading!

Coming out of the womb
Man walks unto his tomb.

Man who will rest at last in a coffin
Wrests until his last to fill his coffer.

Lord hath rightly named woman
Since she is made to woo man

"Do not expect the fruit of action"*
But be on guard for its reaction!
(Expounds Lord Krishna in Bhagvat Gita)

Day man is born, creator's job's over- Hell with Brahma*, who cares for him thereafter? (* Hindus believe, Brahma the first of the Trinity is the creator. Strangely, He is not worshipped widely as only two temples are dedicated to Him.)

Animals mate for procreation;
Men mate for simple recreation.

Women are no weaker sex any longer:
The wonder pill makes them virtually stronger!

Ministers gladly offer service,
Free at church and for fee at office!

Mother's labour in bringing forth a child
Can't be paid for, even by tons of gold.

Sun lights the world, emitting rays perceptual;
Since world spins and is unsteady, nights do fall.

The lotus, that blooms under sunlight,
Won't bloom at night, if thousand lamps lit.

Attachment to kith, kin and wealth
Brings all the misery on earth.

Against thy wishes, thou grow and get old;
Life flows on its own, to live it, be bold.

Evil sees only viciousness
In the goodness of the virtuous.

You can, well, cork the mouths of a thousand bottles,
But not that of one that always tittle-tattles.

The one, for long, had gone through adverse times,
Be afraid to face even good that comes!

So far, none is born in this world
Whose mind did not, at times, run wild.

None is perfect, each having a blemish;
Even the sun has black spot to tarnish.

Singer wishes to perpetuate his name
Shall stop singing at the peak of his fame.

If tomorrow wouldn't be dawn,
What's the worth of all that you own?

Through mythology we try to know the myth;
Though many of us try to ignore the truth.

I can't say: "miles to go before I sleep",
Because the last sleep is not in my grip.

Behold, if somebody is nobody, nobody respects;
Anybody is anybody, anybody respects.

In this universe of eternal darkness,
Sunshine, at times, brings momentary brightness.

Elation and dejection
Are the mind's self-deception.

We are searching for peace of mind
Keeping it locked up within mind.

What you know now is only a millionth
Fraction of what you ought to learn henceforth!

Better be fragrant flower ephemeral
Than living millennia as granite idol.

Beautiful dame willing for any game
Gains, in record time, all the wealth and fame.

You cannot speak out all that you think;
For, most of them are rubbish that stink!

While mundane life is a myth;
Money is eternal truth!

Follow wise counsel, to the letter,
Even though it always tastes bitter!

Poor know the comforts enjoyed by the rich
Rich are ignorant of poverty's pinch.

Who dives deep down comes up with a pearl;
Who flies high lands with nothing at all!

Boy, titled "Master" grows up to a "Mister"
Can then gray-haired old man be a "Mooster"?

Even wildest fire will itself extinguish
If it has nothing more to devour afresh!

Law of the land is handled by the lawless;
Justice is denied even to Justices!

Towering things are in this world still
That may lean but not at all fall.

Wind blows out tiny lamp timid,
Aiding wild fire, fanning to spread!

Known devil is not better than unknown angel;
For, devil is devil and angel is angel.

Water flowing out, a case for conservation;
Water flowing in may cause great consternation!

Don't say, "a friend in need is a friend indeed"
A friend always in need is a pain indeed!

Failures are stepping-stones to success
If they do not mar your confidence!

The flower and fruit and lamb and chicken, life longing
Fellow creatures men sacrifice for better living!

More and more you own
More you wish to earn!

Classicism is nobility;
Classics live unto eternity!

Gift away what you like to possess
And gifted finds it's useful uses.

Sages say, life is a myth;*
Still, they live in search of truth!
(* Hindu philosophy)

You win, you will be society's pride;
You lose, all society will deride!

My own mind is my enemy;
It plays all the havoc in me.

All your kith are kin,
Till you're wealthy man!

My failure is my virtuousness
In this world full of viciousness!

All of you work for me
And make my life creamy!

Within temple, granite idol is worshipped;
Without, it is mere commodity far shipped!

Nature dame had borne millions of life thro' eons;
Still, she looks Miss universe as every day dawns!

"In the beginning was the word…….. word was truth"
Now the word of truth has become old-fashioned myth!

Judas, not Jesus, was the cause of Christianity,
For, his betrayal led Jesus to eternity

"Searching the Lord is beginning of knowledge"
And does not end until you break sensual bondage.

Light cannot comprehend darkness ever;
If put out, darkness again takes over!
Money is most powerful in this world;
Did it not kill even the Son of God?

Tinkling talk of money
Drips in ears as honey!

If the dead suddenly returns,
Many living will kill themselves!

Sky is a myth and earth is truth,
Yet they seem, meet at crust of earth!

This body is not for sensual titillation;
It is to fulfil duties assigned by the Great One!

People with money and muscle power,
For their selfish ends, tramp the frail and poor!

Evil souls reign this earth, for generations,
Despite our Lord's repeated incarnations!
(* Hindu God Lord Vishnu incarnated on earth ten times)

"He saved others, let him save himself",
Jesus could, had he not selfless self.

Horrid grief is hunger;
The blessed is the feeder.

Haughty fire scales up, burning all that's on its way,
Humble water steps down, to wash earth's sins away!

"Food is medicine and medicine is food",
Gentle food, little medicine, keeps health good!

"Knock! It shall be opened unto you" preaching:
We are searching for doors that open sans knocking!

Our lives are directed or deviated
By certain other, concerned or unconcerned.

"Cast thy burden upon the Lord";
But don't overburden His head!

An important person is respected;
Importance ceased, he will be neglected!

Pest cricket is grasshopper's name;
Test cricket is cash hoper's game

If you are enthralled by somebody's feat,
Know, strong-willed, you also can do it.

If you say, nothing in this world is impossible,
Know, not one, many hands need to make it possible.

Granite decked daily with bed of rose
Shall gain and own fragrance in due course!

Cycling rhythm is pace of life
Beats in peace, offbeats facing strife.

Strand that developed in New York and London is 'Nylon'
Strife developed between Pakistan and India is 'Pain'.

You are warned, "look before you leap",
'Cause this leap should not be last lap.

In India, President can't preside, Speaker may not speak, And Governor should not govern; mere rubber stamps at work!

"Time and tide do not wait for anyone";
After all, who else waits here for someone?

"Marriages are made in heaven":
Spouse to spouse should not make it a hell!

One who cannot use his brain
Will live only under strain!

Don't deride anybody as weakling,
Today's mendicant may be tomorrow's king!

Only that could be yours, which you earn;
What you gained, did you earn?

Man gave God multiple hands* in His picture
To depict the Lord as the Superpower.
(* Hindu gods are depicted with multiple hands)

Accustomed to, even pitch darkness
Could be of perceivable brightness!

Say one thing and do something else,
Is the first step towards success!

Man is prisoner of his own mind;
None else can bail him out of the bond.

May be "Money is what money does",
But it can't buy love, a single dose.

Wealth of learning is intangible
Wealth of cunningness is tangible!

"Thy kingdom come": it is my prayer,
Kindly name me Thy Prime Minister!

"Give us this day our daily bread"
A good lot to last a decade!

Hawks may fly even supine,
Over heap of gold coin!

Criminals are not punished;
Idolised, they are worshipped!

Greatness is quality innate,
Which people try to cultivate!

There should be a river that flows
For anyone to swim across!

Lifeless granite idols
Are gods that save our souls!

All we see and hear
Are all lies, my dear!

Heaven and hell are created by man's talent;
And he can make it anywhere, any moment!

Insulting is the habit of the insolent;
Ignoring insult is the trait of modest!

"Work is worship" rule of the past;
But, now it is "Work for profit"!

Dressed up, spraying fragrant perfumes and made up faces,
Men know not, they are factories of stinking feces.

All the beauty of women is only skin deep,
To enjoy it, men should penetrate further deep!

Nature lavished its resources on man:
Man lavishes his resources in vain!

Human beauty is solely external,
Once skinned, it is only stinking kernel.

Whether offered to Lord or not, flower
Withers away, in hours twenty-four!

Youngsters have "short-sight";
Elders have "long-sight"!

A blind can guide you,
In total darkness!


Often myth sounds truth
And truth likens myth!

What happens if truth and lie vie?
The lie will stand up and truth lie!

Wailed aloud as you came, availed eventful life, Prevailed, you will leave leaving others in wailing grief!

You correct yourself,
The rest will mend itself!

You can assert your right if you are right;
Only can falter when you are at fault!

Choose who loves you
Than whom you love!

We can reap only what we sow;
Fortunate few reap from mere show!

If you work with your hands, looking up,
You will rise unto heavens, and up!

Camphor burns to smoke leaving not even ash and odd,
Emitting fragrance of selfless oblation to the Lord!

Note down, nothing will go into nothing;
If you have nothing you will have nothing!

Let you be punished for default,
But never be it for deceit.

I have rich learning, culture and manners;
But beset with poor food, health and finance!

Be prepared all the while for bitter curses;
Boons may come, once in a while, as bonuses!

Better to soothe the victim of your ill deed
Than to confess before Minister ordained!

I'm a lighted but unburnt wick of yesterday;
Don't throw me out when am willing to burn today.

I had pleasant dreams about life;
It all turned a nightmarish strife!

Muezzins have to call from Minaret
To arouse our prayer instinct?

Which gauge can measure acuteness of pain,
Depth of love and degree of emotion?

Present life is a present of bygone past,
Only purest present presents future best.

Statistics establishes a lie numerically;
The opportunist takes advantage of it cunningly!

Swinging justice's scale
Is offered for sale!

"Fowl of air sow not reap not":
They feed on other's grain and fruit!

"Seek and ye shall find", the Lord sayeth;
But we seek what we can't find on earth!

"Thy faith hath made thee whole";
Now, money maketh all

"Put new wine into new bottles";
Put new thought into newborn minds!

Man boasts, he could land on moon,
But could he, as on land, walk on?

Coin is minted round to roll
From hand to hand, that's its role.

Confinement is bondage,
Even in golden cage!

Someone's mistake of yesterday
Might be social rite of today.

Poverty cannot be alleviated
By preaching philosophy concentrated!

When thy begging bowl is full and flowing over,
You will feel, you are the God, reigning world over!

All of us work for and hope
But only few reach the top!

Man is slave of circumstances
Created by his circumstandees*
(* Don't look for this word in a Dictionary, for it is

Invention of Zero inspired calculation;
Zero as a wheel had incited revolution!

"Early bird catches the worm";
Early worm walks unto doom!

Resourceful are not successful;
Successful are not resourceful!

To err is human;
To pardon is humane!

Why should purest of all rivers, Ganges, holy
Desecrate itself merging into sea wholly?

Even on udder full of milk,
Mosquito fancies blood to suck!

The event that will make you happy
Might make many others unhappy!

"Drops of water make an ocean",
Drops that drip dry even ocean!

Idle mind is not a devil's workshop
At times, poetry flows from it non-stop!

The wick will burn to ashes in no time
If the lamp lacks oil that keeps the flame.

While ringing in, with gaiety, the New Year,
Grow and show, you are one more year wiser.

You would become only what you can
And not that you wish or others plan!

Despite absorbing hottest rays of Sun,
Moon always emits only coolest sheen!

Moneys black and white, vie each other,
Even within sacred temple coffer!

Do whatever you have to, today, here and now
For, tomorrow is a dream, may not come true.

He who keeps company, in lone dark night,
If dead suddenly, turns object of fright!

With a begging bowl, I vie to reach the gate
Of palace I built* and lived in my birth last!
(* Hindus believe that the soul of a dead person will
have rebirth elsewhere)

What anybody could give in abundance
To others, in time of distress, is advice!

Know, thou were not born nor shall die at thy wish;
Thence, time in between is not thine to lavish!

Don't try to throw stones from glass roof,
Unless the glass is bullet proof!

Disease is always like a guest
Comes at unexpected moment!

You can kick even the air afar,
If it is put in a ball of rubber!

Water flows only on slopes
The life flows solely on hopes!

Wondrous monument for departed wife Tajmahal.
Could she ever enjoy that architectural marvel?

Hot morning news in evening turns cold;
Tomorrow history and, then, tales old!

Building castles in the air, does the idle;
Won't building a hut on the land be ideal!

When thy name scales thro' the ladder of fame,
Know, it is someone else did give thee a name!

One who feels ignorant only can gain knowledge
As empty vessel has enough space for storage!

Life is like a brittle sheet of glass:
Transparent, breaks on being careless!

Even dirty efflux from stable
Holy Ganges laps with no grumble!

"Rolling stone gathers no moss"
It will only deplete its mass!

You have something, you will feel a lot you have not;
When you have not any, will not feel you have not.

Only thro' crooked stairs and power-lifts
Man can reach unto enviable heights!

Souls of amoeba and an elephant,
By mass and shape would not be different!

Nudity is not sex appealing;
It lies in dressing half-revealing!

Man has no permanent foe or friend,
For he has an ever-changing mind.

Woman's bosom is Ocean of Milk for the baby;
Reposing bed, to compose, for grief-stricken hubby!

I don't long for fame as son of my father;
But, indeed, wish to earn name as an author.

"None in this world is perfect" a diction;
But, everyone claims to be an exception!

Man slays gentle peacock to gather its quill
And present a "peacock dance" to show his skill!

The needy nurtures no formality;
Not patience to wait till maturity!

Any event, however long, should end;
Even God's incarnations have ended!

Thoughtless act in split moment
Gets man long years in punishment.

Poor man's mistake could be a crime;
Rich man's crime could be a mistake!

The evil is not evil always;
And the good need not be good always!

One's internal and external beauty
Is assessed by external entity!

If you don't do what you have to do,
Someone will do what you may not do!

Between man and man, man is the enemy;
Man to man, managing man is difficult!

If you go on doing good, God will do you good;
If the God doesn't do good, none would say good God!

If you look once again, what you have done earlier,
After years, you will feel you could have done better!

If you shy ever to make a debut,
Opportunities will fight shy of you!

No wonder continental drift theories stay;
Look at the neighbouring nations drift away!

Woman is undaunted force;
Man controls it by mere farce!

While being poor is not a bane;
Becoming rich is not a boon.

Why need middle men
Between God and man?

All my vices will be adored
If I have immense wealth amassed!

Something is not better than nothing at all;
For, nothing is better than something awful!

Who does not spend, have to spend;
Who spends may not have to spend!

Taxes are levied to feed Government employees
Still they tax public to add spice to luxuries!

Somewhere a tearful farewell.*
Here, a cheerful arrival.
(Hindus believe in re-birth. The dead soul will be born
somewhere else, quite often, immediately).

Truth shall prevail
When all lies fail!

Rome was not built in a day;
But it was burnt in a day!

We don't do what we could do when needed to do,
And try to do what others do which we can't do!

I did not understand what my dad told me;
My son doesn't understand what I tell him!

I should now be loving my neighbour,
A beautiful dame moved in next door!

Talk never and you will have friends never;
Talk ever, friends will be foes forever!

You are not a made yourselves entity,
Society carved out your personality!

If you are fond of the fag's lasting puff,
You'll take last breath in breathless cough!

Man will not learn good things if taught,
Sure will learn all the vices untaught!

On God of heavens I was reposing my faith;
And failed, 'cause I ignored all little gods of earth!

God hath created man to live a century,
But didn't give a performance guarantee!

When I was a child, father was my hero;
As I grew up, to me, he is a zero!

Flesh and fish become delicacies
By cooking them with vegetables!

Lo! How I lost huge sums in interest
Because I had no money to invest!

Only virtuous will own
All the wrongs they have done!

Books are loved by knowledge seekers,
And are shelved by antique seekers!

Hindu tenets say, treat thy guest as god;
We shall, if he pays in Dollars for food!

From financier I don't get aid;
From fiancιe I may get AIDS!

All that had come were bad,
And all to come are good!

All I do is good;
At times it turns bad!

I wish, all that untoward happened today
Should have been a nightmare of dead yesterday.
This birth, I'm the wheel beneath, carrying all load;
Grant me next birth at least as steering wheel, O' Lord!

The blind shows the way
For those gone astray!

When two cons bat and dozens bet,
Million fools squat around as bait!

Neither the born nor the borne
Know why, on earth, they have born,

Bonehead who has no seat
Pounces upon throne to sit!

One who turns lie a truth
Is fit to reign the earth!

God is moulded into an idol
For shaping Him a lifeless ideal!

All the dreams I dreamt about
Came true as nightmares aghast!

Even if others love, if you don't love,
You can't feel the love, for loving is love!


Living man hopes for a future, best;
Dying man repents on futile past!

Where do the senses go on man's death?
None gone did return to tell that truth!

Why shower rose petals over the tomb?
Can its fragrance reach deep into its womb?

However fast, through life, we race,
Death will follow us at the same pace!

Dead, we may not be re-born, as legends say;
Our souls, caught in condoms, will be thrown away!
(* Hindu tenets say that every soul has rebirth)
Know, death is not at all a calamity,
It's life's destination at eternity!

If you know wherefrom you have come here,
You will also know, death takes you where!

With death, we all have a date;
When, where and how, we know not.

The one who was terribly afraid of death
Reclines calm and composed on its gruesome berth!

While poor dies like a dog;
The rich dies like a Lord!

Obituary says: the dead attained heaven;
Seems, he sent back a reaching note from heaven!

Man's fear of death
Is source of God.

If now and today I die and go
I'll join manes dead aeons ago!

Blooms meant for propagation
Deck the body of dead person!

The Lord, with His aesthetic touch
Created world, a beauty as such,


Freedom is not growing wings,
It lies in breaking the strings!

We spent our fifty years of freedom
Building, for our leaders, their kingdom!

We struggled for freedom
And won freedom to struggle!

Fifty years of freedom
Reminds, we need freedom!

We won freedom to put minority in position
Sidelining the majority into opposition!

We won freedom in midnight,
That's why we are still in darkness!

Fifty years ago, we won freedom
To vote against our own freedom!


Flying aloft on a helicopter
I can fathom depth of deluge water!

You can vote somebody to power,
But can't recall him soon thereafter.

Tolerance of all other's faith is secularism;
Intolerance of other's faith is seclusionism.

Faltering step in business, you will fall;
Failing step in politics, you will be tall.

Postal stamps are meant for damaging
Faces of leaders by ink stamping.

Political power is real kick,
Under which man stabs at his own back.

I am a V.V.I.P., because I am, er,
A cousin of friend of son of the minister!

Sprawling cremation sites of leaders, sanctified,
Soon will turn the capital, city of the dead.

Democracy is a process by which
Certain men are voted to become rich.

Political leader gives lot of opportunity
To all his followers to make black money aplenty.

Sitting in office, using office, I made money;
Quitting office, wrote of office, and still made money!

All political parties split, split and split-
Like nuclear fission, to gain explosive might?

Best way to hold party members together
Is to make each one of them Prime Minister!

Shameless face has a ribless tongue
Extemporising non-stop harangue!

Born with rich heritage,
Deride rich in knowledge!

The fool who has no seat
Runs for the throne to sit!
Nay, I am not born a tomfool
For people to vote me to rule!

Politician is not magician;
He is only a tactician!

I live here, in a world of politics;
Only politics within my heart, ticks!

The sect that make lie a truth
Are born rulers of this earth!

I say: 'the law will take its own course';
But, in my case, it can take off course!

Nay, not tainted by a scam,
It's the colour of my skin!

I'm public servant doing all your chores
And, for living, made only thousand Crores*
(*Ten million)

You can change the court
But not the decree!

Elections made it possible:
Untouchables are now touchable!

Between the playwright and heroine
Who's the superstar playing hero?

In politics everywhere, election we conduct.
For popular votes, only unpopular contest!

Try holding tricolour Indian flag
From becoming multicolour tag!


Two men could do the job of one;
The dexterous does the tens' alone!

Salary is for sitting by the table,
To do work, pay handsel, as per table!

The playful could be studious as well,
For, both call for devotion and skill.

Public office always is for private profit;
Treasure hunters! Take to public service soonest!

Perfection is a serious deformity
For it is not money making quality!

If corruption is the curse of society,
It's boon to public servants' community!

Who pretends to be busy as bees
Will be ignored always by his boss!

If you do not sit where you ought to sit
You will find someone else in your seat!

In case you don't fare well,
Boss will bid you farewell.

People qualify for public services
By ticking answers at random choices!

If banks were nationalised;
Employees have them privatised!

The abundance of redtapism
Does not check rampant nepotism!

Enforcers are benefited
By all laws that are enacted.


Liquor may be good vasodilator,
But, once within, it is a dictator!

Why dilute liquor before it is consumed?
Because it is all evils concentrated!

If party ends with "one for the road",
Could be party's end on the road?

Liquors are meant to give you a kick,
You drunk, let not others get the kick!

One is pep, two is pick,
Three is tope, four is kick


Government servants are employed to tell one
Why they cannot do what he wants to get done!

Banker is one who sees pounds of flesh in man
But fails to notice the blood that streams within!

Instead of winning the common man's trust
Banker's interest is in interest!

Trade unionist is one who incites labour unrest
And settles it at the cost of Labour and management!

Court is good to conduct sports
But not to settle disputes!

Advocate is he who takes a quarrel to court
And conducts it until the client becomes bankrupt!

Doctor is a person who fights a disease
And conquers it even if patient dies!

Accountant is trained to do a balancing trick,
Lifting the pane of profit counterweighed by black!

Businessman is busy scooping profits to prosper,
With other's money, while his own idling in coffer!

Actors are paid to depict different person
Of the self, with fan and fare, one the stage or screen.

Insurance agent is a pessimist
Who fears his clients will face a holocaust!

Classical musician is a hoarse voiced vocalist
Deals with tunes in detail ignoring meaningful text!

Architects design castles smooching the sky
Which someone builds and some other occupy.

Roll out a rumour, public will carry it;
Float a company, public will finance it!

By public issue companies make money;
Once issued, it's public make all the money!

When companies do manage to issue,
There come many managers to issue!

Pop is a branch of music founded in the West,
Practiced by the hysteric exhibitionist!

The Novelist narrates a short story
In voluminous book, like history!

Fashion model is a sex symbol,
Dressed up to deem undressed overall!

Salesman is who sell
An ass as a horse!

Medical salesmen teach doctor
How drugs to administer!

A TV serial producer is an entity
Capable of stretching a plot to eternity!

Hotelier is playing host
Entertains paying guest!


I'm here to do only good
To all my neighbourhood!

I may go, one day, behind the thick veil of death;
In these lines, I shall live forever on this earth.


This is not a book of poetry, not a didactic literature.

The idiosyncrasies of the Heavenly Father and the earthlings, you and me included, are exposed, with a tinge of sarcasm.

If you don't like any of the sharp, straight and sour quips it is certainly unpalatable for me too, but it is a fact we have to reconcile with.

I have no enmity with anyone who feels targeted and hurt by these couplets; for I know, I myself am the bull's eye!

We should point our index finger against each other; for none is perfect and invulnerable to mistakes or resistant to allurement to eat the forbidden fruit.

Come, have a fiesta, laughing and staring at and pitying and ridiculing us!

A.R. Narayanan.