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Title: Jacky Dandy's Delight

Author: Jacky Dandy

Release date: November 15, 2007 [eBook #23482]

Language: English

Credits: Produced by Mark C. Orton, Anne Storer and the Online
Distributed Proofreading Team at (This
file was produced from images generously made available
by The Internet Archive/American Libraries.)


Transcriber’s Note: Spelling and inconsistent formatting of poems has been maintained as in the original.

[Pg 1]

Jacky Dandy’s


This is Mr. Harliquin, who
shews what is to be seen


Printed and Sold by J. Pitts,
6, Great St. Andrew
Street, 7 Dial

[Pg 2]


This is little Jacky Dandy
He loves cake and sugar-candy,
He bought some at the grocer’s shop,
And pleased away went hop, hop, hop.

[Pg 3]

He hopp’d to the fair,
And saw a show there.

The first was the Lion,
That never would yield;
Behold how he ranger,
The King of the field.

[Pg 4]

He next saw the Wolf, a cruel and savage beast.

This is the Wolf,
That prouls thro’ the wood,
Who preys upon lambs,
And drinks of their blood.

[Pg 5]

He was next shewn a Monkey, a funny fellow, but mischievous.

The monkey mischievous
Like a naughty boy looks,
Who plagues all his friends,
And don’t mind his books.

[Pg 6]

The next was a Bear, that had been taught to dance.

This is the Bear,
In Greenland was bred,
And brought over here,
Thro’ the streets to be led.

[Pg 7]

The next was the Tiger.

The savage Tiger will, they say,
Sieze any man that’s in his way,
And o’er his back the victim throw,
As you your satchel may do now.

[Pg 8]

He now saw a little Robin Red-breast hopping about.

He cocks his tail,
While hopping along,
And pays for his crumbs
With an innocent song.

[Pg 9]

The next was little Jenny Wren the smallest bird in England.

The little Robin
And the Wren,
Are Jacky Dandy’s
Cock and Hren.

[Pg 10]

The next was a Kite a cruel enemy to all small birds.

This is the Kite,
When searching for food
Kills Bob and his wife,
And all the young brood.

[Pg 11]

The next was a Goose, some say a silly bird but good roasted.

This is the Goose,
That wadles and swims,
See, little boy,
How foolish she seems.

[Pg 12]

The next was a beautiful Game Cock with fine comb and gills.

This is the Cock
Who crows, if you’re wise,
To tell you from bed
’Tis time for to rise.

[Pg 13]

The next was a Hen and Chickens—See, there is one on her Back.

This is the Hen
Who cares for her young,
And cackles to please them
Instead of a song.

[Pg 14]

The next was a very fine Newfoundland Dog.

This is the Dog,
Who whilst we’re asleep,
Is a guard to the house,
And from thieves does it keep.

[Pg 15]

The next was a nice Cat who sat purring a song.

This is poor Puss,
The beautiful Cat,
That keeps the house clear,
Of both Mouse and Rat.

[Pg 16]


Now you’ve all the Beast
And the Birds that are handy,
Take this horse and ride home
With little Jack Dandy.

Pitts Toy Warehouse.