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Title: Death and Burial of Poor Cock Robin

Illustrator: H. L. Stephens

Release date: November 13, 2005 [eBook #17060]
Most recently updated: December 12, 2020

Language: English

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Published by Hurd & Houghton.

401 Broadway cor. Walker St.


Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1864 by H. Stern in the Clerk's Office
of the District Court of the United States, for the Southern District of New York.

Lithographed & Printed


Julius Bien

24 Vesey St. New York

I, said the Sparrow
Who killed Cock Robin?With my bow and arrow,
I, said the Sparrow,I kill'd Cock Robin.
I, said the Fly
Who saw him die?With my little eye,
I, said the Fly,I saw him die.
I, said the Fish
Who caught his blood?With my little dish,
I, said the Fish,I caught his blood.
I, said the Beetle
Who'll make his shroud?With my thread and needle,
I, said the Beetle,I'll make his shroud.
I, said the Owl
Who'll dig his grave?With my spade and trowel,
I, said the Owl,I'll dig his grave.
We, said the Wren
Who'll bear the pall?Both the Cock and the Hen,
We, said the Wren,We'll bear the pall.
I, said the Kite
Who'll carry him to the grave?If it's not in the night,
I, said the Kite,I'll carry him to the grave.
I, said the Rook
Who'll be the Parson?With my little book,
I, said the Rook,I'll be the Parson.
I, said the Thrush
Who'll sing a Psalm?As he sat in the bush,
I, said the Thrush,I'll sing a Psalm?
I, said the Lark
Who'll be the Clerk? If it's not in the dark,
I, said the Lark,I'll be the Clerk.
I, said the Dove
Who'll be chief mourner?Because I mourned for my love,
I, said the Dove,I'll be chief mourner.
I, said the Linnet
Who'll carry the link?I'll fetch it in a minute,
I, said the Linnet,I'll carry the link.
I, said the Bull
Who'll toll the bell?Because I can pull,
I, said the Bull,I'll toll the bell.
All the birds in the air
All the birds in the airWhen they heard the bell
Fell to sighing and sobbingFor poor Cock Robin.
The cruel Cock Sparrow
While the cruel Cock Sparrow,Was hung on a gibbet
The cause of their grief,Next day, like a thief.
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